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Qalcwise main features

Spreadsheet Use on-line qalcwise spreadsheet widgets to design your application. Use formulas for business calculations.
Workflow Visually draw your application workflow. Who-does-sees-what-and-when. Use formulas to calculate flows and approvals.
Collaboration Enjoy calculation empowered business collaboration and communication in Qalcwise. Analyze and make decisions.

Work smart, work less, try Qalcwise It's simple like this layout.

Qalcwise Business
Applications Marketplace
Qalcwise Business Applications allow our Customers to address their custom business needs with flexibility of a spreadsheet while providing Enterprise Class scalability and workflow.
Any business process challenge can be quickly solved by business users themselves with NO CODING involved.

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Qalcwise is a new breed of business application development platform.
Ease of spreadsheets, built-in workflow and high performance database make
Qalcwise an extreme tool.
What Qalcwise Customers say, is that development of calculation intensive business apps is 10-40 times faster in Qalcwise than in any Rapid Development tools
We use Qalcwise platform in our Product Management Process. The process spans over almost all our Departments and requires some calculations, analysis and multiple approvals. We were in the process of evaluating a considerable software development, when Qalcwise option appeared. Qalcwise has brought us an immediate solution, which is time and cost effective. As a matter of fact, the Product Management application has been literally developed in 2 days. Hard to believe. Now, we have several more business processes in which we want to use Qalcwise platform. And it’s also a lot of fun. Bravo Qalcwise team!
Michał Stępień IT Manager, Costa Coffee Polska.
Incube CPM is professional services company delivering Corporate Performance Management Solutions to industry leaders in 55 countries. Incube expertise focuses on Financial Models, Planning and Budgeting, Financial Consolidation, Predictive Analytics and BigData analytical solutions. T&E costs have considerable impact of my P&L. At certain point, controlling these costs becomes very important. Excel is not enough.
Paweł Pośnik I’m Services Delivery BU Manager at Incube CPM.
We are professional services company. Our consultants travel all the time. Keeping track of expenses, documents and reconciling that against BU P&L was tedious. We decided to move from Excel files to Qalcwise on-line platform. Beside expense calculation it gives us flexible approvals, automatic notifications and budget update. It saves us time and gives functionality not available either in Excel or even in purpose-built systems.
Marcelina Czubak I’m Office Manager at Incube CPM.
Qalcwise is an amazing tool. It’s all like a spreadsheet, but it has workflow built in. Everything is drag-and-drop and ‘by formula’. Send e-mail – by formula, calculate approval - by formula. It’s cool. It took me 1 day to have that application ready for Marcelina and available to my team
Kinga Minorczyk I work as a consultant at Incube CPM.
I work with financial controlling models
for enterprise planning and budgeting.
Qalcwise is Enterprise Class
Qalcwise is a professional Business Applications Platform designed to support teams of tens to thousands of users

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