Effectively manage your team remotely!

Choose no-code applications supporting B2B and B2E business processes

What will applications help you with?

Remote work

Manage documents, projects and tasks, automate acceptance paths, facilitate reporting of activities and communication

Digitization of business processes

Transfer any HR, administrative or financial processes managed on paper, manually and in spreadsheets to simple applications

Communication with clients

Create offers, negotiate terms, place orders, receive ready solutions – all from any mobile device!

Intelligent Documents

Use easy-to-create smart documents to automate your work. Equipped with acceptance workflow and connected to your data.

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Przekazane dane nie podlegają profilowaniu oraz nie są przekazywane do Państw spoza EOG i Organizacji Międzynarodowych.

Why you should choose Qalcwise?

100% customizable and fully user-friendly applications that automate any business processes

Saving time and money for the implementation of large systems and custom development (up to 70x faster!)

The increase in process efficiency and business communication with Qalcwise brings instant ROE


so much time you can save thanks to automation


this cost reduction you can achieve through digitization


so many users would recommend the apps to others

Start using the apps even today! 

No programming, no installation, remotely implementation!

What is Qalcwise?

SaaS platform for automating any business processes

It enables convenient remote work, ensuring electronic document management and automating any workflow

Flexible IT solution that does not require programming and time-consuming implementation

How it works?


Design the circulation of documents and tasks using formulas similar to those known from MS Excel – it couldn’t be easier!


With a few clicks you will specify tasks and permissions, assign roles to users and define the workflow

How you can use Qalcwise apps?

Application example:

Project management


allocation of tasks with budget and deadlines


monitoring the time allocated to the project / task under the contract


monitoring performance of tasks


confirmation of receipt of work


project profitability analysis


document repository

Communication with clients


monitoring project status


determining next actions


preparation and acceptance of offers / contracts / orders / CR


remote acceptance of orders


contract repository


monitoring order performance


billing and payment acceptance

Employee portal


online forms – holiday and home office requests, social funds, statements


access to all data and documents


recruitment and onboarding


surveys and training

Qalcwise Reviews:

The best in Qalcwise is that , how quickly i can solve a planty of problems in right and easy for the user way. Platform is a very friendly for a user and has very nice interface.

Piotr G.

Ease of use with great value for money. Can be used to support various processes in the company. Simple like Excel yet professional with all secure and reliable infrastructure behind. Web based interface makes it way more accessible remotely (even via phone) comparing to Office apps.

Marcin P.

They trusted us