A modern recruitment application for every company

aplikacja do rekrutacji

The recruitment process looks a bit different in each company. Most often, employees of HR departments are responsible for this. Depending on the position, the future supervisors of potential candidates are also involved in the process. Finding the right specialists and leaders of individual teams is crucial for the business to develop properly. The Qalcwise recruitment system is appreciated by our clients for its flexibility and the ability to personalize the components so that they meet all needs.

Innovative applications for recruiting and onboarding new employees

Time-consuming and costly recruitment is an anchor that has sunk many companies. The inability to find key employees prevents the development of the business. The most costly is the loss of customer trust if they begin to experience a decline in service quality or delays in delivery. Adjusting the recruitment software to the needs of the company allows you to control the chaos thanks to the automation and digitization of tedious processes related to the search and onboarding of new people in the company.

How does the recruitment application support the work of the HR department?

Business applications created on our platform effectively reduce the circulation of paper documents in the company. This allows you to significantly shorten time-consuming processes related to document processing, historical data analysis or preparation of periodic reports.

The HR application allows you to save up to 56 hours of recruiter’s work per month thanks to automation. It also allows you to significantly reduce the time needed to find a candidate and noticeably reduces the costs of handling this process.

Qalcwise recruitment software in the form of a recruitment application is fully functional on mobile devices. This enables, above all, remote onboarding, which is necessary when employing part-time employees.

HR applications are a set of comprehensive tools enabling the introduction of new employees to individual positions. After creating a profile in the application, you can easily assign appropriate training, first meetings, required tests or adequate access. The HR application helps new employees find their place in the company faster and understand the processes related to onboarding.

How does the recruitment system affect the perception of the company?

The recruitment system is responsible for the first impressions of potential candidates participating in the recruitment process. In the age of the Internet, checking whether recruitment in a given company is running smoothly is not a problem for candidates. Opinions on recruitment processes in individual companies are very often a screening factor.

The modern recruitment system is particularly attractive to younger generations of specialists. This does not change the fact that other more experienced candidates will just as easily resign from participating in the recruitment process if the company does not enjoy a good reputation. Candidates rejected by recruiters are able to describe their prospects in great detail, often putting the potential employer in a bad light. A recruitment system is needed to make the processes run smoothly for both parties involved. One of the most common accusations against employers are delays and lack of clear information about the recruitment process.

Is the recruitment application safe?

Recruitment processes are related to the processing of a large number of documents and forms containing personal data. Appropriate recruitment software allows you to avoid the unpleasantness of data leakage. In many companies, employees keep company documents on private clouds or on random data carriers, thus not caring about their security. By choosing Qalcwise, you can precisely monitor all documents, manage their availability and easily and quickly generate reliable periodic reports or analyzes of historical data.

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