A program for settling business trips in a modern version

rozliczanie wydatków służbowych

Qalcwise is a no-code platform on which business applications are created to automate time-consuming processes thanks to digitization. The TEM (Travel Expenses Management) program tailored to individual needs is used by our clients from the SMB and Enterprise segments. This type of solution allows you to significantly reduce the time needed to process paper documents and noticeably reduce the cost of service related to the settlement of business trips. The delegation programs available on our platform can be fully modified and adapted to your own needs.

Mobile program for Qalcwise delegations

All business applications available on the Qalcwise platform are fully functional on mobile devices. A program for settling business trips that does not require access to a computer during a business trip is a modern solution that more and more companies are choosing. The lack of a suitable tool translates in many cases into delays and numerous errors in billing.

Real-time accounting software

The Qalcwise delegation program allows you to manage the costs of business trips in real time. The employee can report the incurred cost in the application at any time and attach relevant documents. The sent application is immediately sent to the supervisor, and after a positive consideration, it is sent directly to the accounting department. At any time, you can also check historical data and order more detailed reports to be generated. Thanks to this, reliable analysis and preparation of data for presentation does not generate additional costs and does not cause difficulties.

Qalcwise is a secure delegation program

Along with the progressing digitization in the company, the transparency of processes increases. Thanks to the Qalcwise delegation accounting program, you can easily increase the detection of fraud and avoid unpleasant situations related to explaining unintentional errors and other irregularities.

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