Brrrrrr! Qalcwise Winter 2019/2020 is here. Check what’s new?

We do not know if it will snow yet this winter, but Qalcwise has fallen in! See what corrections, new functionalities and changes we have introduced in the latest version of the platform!

Changes for Users

1. Change streams to workspaces

The new version has improved workspaces by adding the option to specify readers and editors for each stream separately, which removed private streams because they are no longer needed to hide streams.

From now on, we can also define in advance whether applications can be deleted from the archive in a given area. To do this, click the arrow next to the area name and then select the checkbox. New version of the section with the history of the application.

2. New version of the section with the history of the application

In response to customer requests, the historical section was redone and a much friendlier appearance was added, without losing its functionality.

3. Replacements can be dedicated to a specific work area or with it excluded

When creating a replacement, the user can specify which areas the alternate should not see and in which he will be able to replace it.

4. Attachment type

From now on, the user sees thumbnails of attachments in individual lines. After clicking on the thumbnail, a section with an attachment in a line appears, from where he can, for example, view images with a magnifying glass.

5. New functionalities in Home Page

From now you can add more than one filter on one column in the tabular view

  • For dates, you can use the formula Today
  • If someone needs to use the Dashboard on a daily basis, after the first click on the “Dashboard” it will be expanded. Your selection will be remembered in the browser the next time you visit the Qalcwise platform.

Changes for Designers

6. Unable to delete empty row if row modification is enabled

The error has been fixed and from now on the user will accidentally not be able to remove the option of adding data to the table.

7. Link and Doclink can be saved in a text cell

In the past, such notation caused an error when saving these formulas in cells other than the Link type, now it has been repaired so that you can freely use the link and doclink formulas in a text type cell.

8. Action step White list

From now on in Qalcwise you can easily check whether a given account number of the contractor is on the list of active VAT payers.

9. Type of Attachment

From now on, we can use the attachment type in the table and spreadsheet to add attachments directly to a table row or sheet cell.

10. Change the data saving mode in the table

From now on, data in tables whose refresh is set to “Always” are not saved in the instance to reduce the size of individual applications.

11. Set substitutions for workspaces

From now on, when creating an application, the Designer can define in what mode it will be possible to use replacements.

12. Workflow buttons are also visible in the preview
13. Business logs have a new interface

Once it was very difficult to search for logs, today we have a tabular view in them, thanks to which we can freely sort and filter logs by any column.

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