Can CFOs bring the digital transformation to business?


Financial departments are often subject to digitization but can take a leading role too. CFOs are increasingly expected to initiate technological change and need help of new tools and qualified workers to deliver it. Self-service business applications can provide this support. See how digital transformation can continue without programmers.

Digitization is not only about new technologies. Sure, it enables enterprises to process more data and automates different tasks, but at its’ core, digitization benefits from analysis and drawing insightful conclusions. That’s why CFOs need new tools and teams of workers eager to grow and take up new challenges. In a business environment where developer shortage becomes a real issue and IT implementations are more costly and time-consuming, no-code seems to be the only help there is.

No-code is 100% self-service technology designed for people with no programming skills. It allows employees to use ready components like modules, widgets, and templates to build efficient IT solutions. With no-code apps, workers can automate business processes in a short time and get by without the help of programmers. Business apps take over repetitive, time-consuming tasks, giving employees time for more valuable activities. In such conditions, they can engage in solving complex problems and creating innovative products and services. In other words, they can excel in things robots will never be capable of. Independence from IT also means that the digital transformation takes place faster and more efficiently, requiring much smaller investments. Your employees gain new competencies in the process and become a real asset in the new digital reality.

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Automation of financial services

Let’s get back to the point. What exactly can business apps do? Take financial departments for example. Up to 30% of an accountant’s time is spent on checking and correcting various documents, reports and tables. These are the exact processes that should be automated.

So, if you struggle with:

  • lack of full process control,
  • waiting for reports and data selection,
  • manual merging of data from many files,
  • lack of knowledge about activities at individual stages,
  • signing piles of documents,
  • time-consuming and complicated reports,
  • mistakes in settlements and frauds

…then it’s high time you replaced spreadsheets or other systems you’re using, with a financial app. All manually performed tasks like filling paper forms, rewriting and compiling data or creating reports and account settlements can be done with a simple app. You can handle all processes and tasks with one tool!

With Qalcwise Apps you will be able to:

  • manage the budget of the entire company and individual departments as well as monitor its implementation,
  • manage investment projects and expenses,
  • forecast and settle sales,
  • manage invoices circulation and repository,
  • settle and monitor service expenses and delegations,
  • create service pricing and price simulations,
  • manage bonuses and commissions,
  • monitor data in real-time,
  • create on-demand analyzes and reports.

Automating these tasks with Qalcwsie allows for faster and more efficient services but also minimizes the risk of frauds and mistakes. CFOs get full process transparency, better control, increased safety… and chance to include other departments in the digital ecosystem!

One platform for all processes

Within one Qalcwise platform, you can digitize and integrate all the processes in your organization (HR, administration, sales, marketing, logistics, etc.) maintaining their specificity, while increasing accuracy.

At Qalcwise you can:

  • define any tasks and goals,
  • build any form,
  • design an ideal workflow,
  • assign roles, tasks and permissions to users,
  • combine forms with any database,
  • communicate decisions and set alerts,
  • integrate the application with an external system,
  • do it all on any mobile device!

No other software on the market allows for automation this versatile and advanced, yet simple to implement and use. Qalcwise allows companies to digitize processes painlessly and without the help of IT. The answer to the question in the title is: Yes, CFOs can bring the digital revolution to business! Digital transformation without IT is possible.

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