Citizen Developer – what functions does he perform in the company, where did this “position” come from and what is the future of such a scope of duties?

citizen developer

The constantly growing functionality and popularity of No-Code and Low-Code platforms has greatly contributed to who and what Citizen Developers are currently dealing with. Although at first glance it sounds like a standalone position, in practice the term Citizen Developer should be treated more as a set of skills. Who exactly are Citizen Developers? Who was the first to try to define this concept? What is the future of such responsibilities? We answer all these questions in the following article.

Citizen Developer what does it mean and who introduced the term?

The first attempt to define the term Citizen Developer was made by the now world-renowned American analytical and research company Gartner. This company has been specializing in issues related to the strategic use of technology in business since 1979. According to their definition, a Citizen Developer is a person who:

-creates business applications for own needs, company or individual departments

-uses development tools and environments that do not contradict the guidelines of the security and IT departments

-is part of the business department and thus does not report to or report to the IT department

Citizen developer who is it exactly?

In the simplest terms, Citizen Developers can be defined as people who, while not being a developer by profession (i.e. completed major studies), undertake to create their own applications, improvements and tools using no-code and low-code platforms. A perfect example can be people who, working in positions such as analyst, manager, salesman and gained the knowledge necessary to optimize internal processes. It is thanks to modern no-code platforms that do not require programming knowledge, Citizen Developers are able to relieve almost every IT department. Considering the high level of demand for programmers, which has been maintained for many years, it is easy to understand how the gap was created, which citizen programmers are trying to fill on their own initiative.

What does a person with Microsoft Citizen Developer competencies do?

Citizen Developer Microsoft is a term reserved for people who use Power Apps developed by Microsoft to create business tools and applications. As in the case of no-code platforms, pre-compiled application templates are modified there using Drag&Drop. Thanks to this, even without any knowledge of programming languages, you can easily and quickly create fully tailored solutions in the form of business applications. It is worth noting, however, that Microsoft Power Apps will be classified as low-code platforms, which significantly increases the level of knowledge required by Citizen Developer.

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