Flawless commission calculation in sales teams

obliczanie prowizji

One of the most popular ways to increase motivation, efficiency and job satisfaction is to reward employees in the form of sales commission. This form of gratification is particularly common in sales departments. The more deals you make, the more time it takes to calculate the commission.

The issue of lack of trust caused even by the very risk of error is also problematic. Verifying who is right is time-consuming and stressful for all parties. Error-free calculation of the commission allows you to avoid unpleasantness and additional costs. The incentive system based on commissions does not fully fulfill its role if employees are aware of even the slightest mistake in the company’s history.

Does manual commission calculation make sense?

Calculating bonuses manually is a mistake many people make at the beginning of their careers. Automation of this process using an application created on the Qalcwise platform is a modern and simple solution that is worth using. The implementation does not cause any problems even for less technical people using, for example, full of advertising calculators to calculate bonuses that are available online.

It is also worth remembering to take care of data security. Reckless use of third-party commission calculation tools can easily result in the leakage of sensitive data.

Commission calculation in the application on the Qalcwise platform

Business applications available on the Qalcwise platform are used in both smaller and larger companies. Calculation of commissions using a personalized solution designed on our platform minimizes the risk of errors and frees up the time resources currently spent on manually checking the amount of employee commissions. Thanks to one application, also available on mobile devices, the commission calculation process can be safely automated in just a few hours.

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