Coronavirus “second wave”. Prepare business with remote work apps!

Don’t wait for the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic to come. Draw the conclusions of the remaining months and better prepare your company for the limited availability of employees. Secure convenient and efficient work in advance with remote work apps.

Experts are competing in forecasts, but at the moment no one knows exactly what the future will look like. Will the second wave of coronavirus come or be it more powerful than the first? Unfortunately, nothing can be predicted. We already know that most of our companies were not prepared for what happened. Today, we are smarter about these experiences and we know which areas of activity were failing, where we need tool support the most. Let’s get ready for the unpredictable better!

Ensuring efficient and comfortable remote work for employees working in the office on a daily basis has become a challenge for companies. While we have a lot of communication tools (chats, messengers), it was very difficult to get the work done. Ensuring document circulation and acceptance has become a serious problem. HR, financial and administrative departments were particularly affected. In other departments, the problem was the distribution of tasks, work scheduling, project monitoring, worktime tracking and confirmation of receipt of work. In sales departments, communication with business clients, negotiating terms, signing contracts, project management and monitoring order performance was difficult.

All these areas require digitization, and many tasks can be automated. But how can you do it in a short time? Qalcwise SaaS platform and remote work apps allow this. They are so easy to set up and apply to a company that you can start using them in just a few days. Unlike custom development, they do not require time-consuming programming or installation. They operate in the cloud, so there is no need for infrastructure costs. With a few clicks you will specify tasks and permissions, assign roles to users and define the workflow. Qalcwise enables convenient remote work, ensuring electronic document management and automating any business processes.

Thanks to remote work apps, we get rid of not only paper and manual management, but we also gain better control over processes. Managers gain access to data in real-time, they can easily monitor the status of projects and report. Employees receive access to a platform, where they can handle all employee matters (submit applications, fill out forms, check information) and conveniently report their work. Qalcwise allows you to create a digital ecosystem that connects all departments and allows for smooth operation.

Want to see Qalcwise remote work apps in action? Tell us what problem you have, where you need support and we will find an application. Write to us and get ready for the unpredictable

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