To Begin with Qalcwise Designer is Very Simple Now

Creating apps is much simpler than programming nonetheless business user might still feel too ashamed and overwhelmed to start using no-code tools. Having this in mind, one of the most important challenges facing Qalcwise UX designers is to encourage new users to make the first step into the app development process. 

The first impression is the key here as we would like to give our users a lot of possibilities and at the same time, we don’t want to scare them by the plenitude of it. Qalcwise Designer tool shouldn’t look complicated at all. How to make user — to whom it might be a very first experience with such a platform — know what to do after she or he click „Create new app”?

Our new UI solution is based on the few intentions. We wanted to:

  • focus users’ attention on building the app with elements called sections
  • give them a strong call-to-action
  • show them by making them do it on their own
  • make the process look familiar to well-known tools like spreadsheet, text editor and drag&drop tools
  • let the users build by dragging-n-dropping or simple clicking
  • give a hint that spreadsheet is what users need the most 😉

As you can see above our call-to-action is „Add section” which you should do to place something on the blank space. And it is so — a new section which by default is the spreadsheet. The reason behind that is to help you decide what to begin with. We recommend the spreadsheet as the most powerful and popular form of data management. You can of course not agree with us — feel free to replace it with a section you need. Adding further sections as well as their type is up to you.

We are pretty proud of that way of construction however other views are very appreciated. Share your opinion in the comments.