ERP-like-system in a few days? Yes, with no-code apps!

In almost every company there are processes that remain on paper or in spreadsheets. They don’t fit into existing systems or the process has changed. Changing the software would be very expensive (sometimes more expensive than what you paid for it). Often the system is so old and rebuilt so much that you don’t even know what to change and whether it will fall like a house of cards. Then no-code applications come to the aid. Learn why it’s a great ERP alternative!

These companies come to us. Those with inefficient systems or with processes so specific that there is no suitable tool on the market for them. Then we and our no code applications come to the aid! Thanks to no-code technology we can quickly create any solution. Integrate the application with the system and fill its deficiencies.

Enterprise Applications Gap aka „Spreadsheets Chasm”

And we create applications exactly as they need them, without compromise. We automate any processes that have been managed manually in spreadsheets, or on paper. We eliminate filling in applications, sending documents by e-mail, transferring data, making reports manually, creating reports from many files. It is something more than just document workflow automation, it automates task execution, auditing, archiving, task ordering and calculations. Qalcwise collects data from many sources, synchronize, update and allow you to display it in any format to facilitate analysis.

Applications based on formulas known from spreadsheets, with interactive workflow and an advanced calculation engine can handle any business process from A to Z. Creating and configuring them is as easy as operating popular office programs. Thanks to no-code technology that allows even advanced solutions to be created with visual components and simple formulas for people without technical skills. Thanks to this simplicity and flexibility, you can easily adapt the application to new processes and make changes without the help of programmers. There are ready-made box solutions on the market as an ERP alternative, but they are not flexible. You will not design a specific process in them.

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Simpler solutions are also faster to implement (and cheaper!). Applications are created even in a few days! Here are the real effects of our work:

The second-largest cafe chain in the world
Product Lifecycle Management App – 2 days

International manufacturer of cranes and elevators
Set of apps for subcontractors’ employee management and certificates control – 6 days

International Lighting Manufacturer
Employee Portal – 6 days

International Healthcare provider
Pricing Model for Medical Services – 8 days

International producer of building materials
Sales Rolling Forecast App – 2 weeks

Fill the ERP gap or prototype in Qalcwise:

  • Create business solutions for your specific needs
  • Put your processes in order, make them efficient, save money
  • In single days or weeks
  • Zero (or minimum) IT engagement needed!
  • No costly implementation projects

Do you want to learn more about how to empower your ERP or replace it with something more functional? You can’t afford ERP, but you can’t manage the business in the spreadsheets any longer? If you’re looking for ERP alternative write to us and we will prepare a demo in a few hours: