Fleet management application in a modern version

aplikacja do zarządzania flotą

Fleet management using paper forms is an extremely time-inefficient strategy. Manual processing of such documents generates much more errors and is not ecological. The vehicle fleet management program created on the Qalcwise platform enables the automation and digitization of related processes. It is a tailor-made solution – it means that all necessary functionalities can be adapted and freely modified so that they meet the individual needs of each entrepreneur managing the fleet.

Fleet management software for SMB and Enterprise

Regardless of the size of the enterprise, it is worth using tailored tools that foster business growth. The fleet management system available on the Qalcwise platform is a comprehensive set of applications that, like a Swiss army knife, will be used in any situation. Thanks to it, our customers from the Small Medium Business and Enterprise segments saved up to 30% on service costs.

A secure fleet management system

Purchasing a fleet of vehicles for the company’s needs is an extremely expensive undertaking. According to many, it is necessary to have the right fleet management software, which allows you to protect yourself from abuse and unintentional mistakes that are often made when paper forms are involved. Thanks to Qalcwise, you can easily avoid conflicting bookings and check historical data at any time. This allows, for example, to determine who is potentially responsible for reported irregularities or defects.

A mobile fleet management program

The fleet management application available on the Qalcwise platform is fully functional on mobile devices. This greatly facilitates the processes related to making reservations, processing vehicle requests and monitoring costs or contracts.

Real-time fleet management app

The biggest disadvantage of the traditional paper-based fleet management is the inability to monitor and analyze your assets in real time. Preparing even the simplest report consumes time resources and generates additional costs. The fleet management application built on the Qalcwise platform allows you to easily generate detailed reports on individual vehicles. This allows you to avoid irregularities and abuses, and to ensure that all vehicles have valid inspections.

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