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You often hear from clients that the solution you offer is too expensive? Or too complex? Or maybe a potential customer doesn’t say it directly, but he does not feel that your product responds to his real needs … If you need a solution that can easily meet all these expectations – it is inexpensive and fully customizable, then join Qalcwise partners.

IT democratization – don’t miss the trend!

The Qalcwise platform in a SaaS model allows you to create fully customized business applications thanks to the no-code technology. No-code is one of the most dynamically developing technological trends. “Without coding” applications are a response to the shortage of developers and the need to make business independent of IT, to create self-service, but safe and functional technology. Qalcwise is a great alternative to large systems that require time-consuming implementation, as well as “boxed”, not flexible, but cheaper programs.

Qalcwise combines the advantages of both – it enables the creation of even advanced Enterprise-class solutions and the automation of complex processes even in a few days. It ensures simple implementation, easy operation and is cost-effective. Cooperation with Qalcwise is a great way to supplement your current offer with a matchless product, attract new customers and increase sales.

The solution is unique, very flexible, apps perfectly fill the gaps in existing systems. Therefore, you can easily sell them in addition to other products – says Andrzej Bielecki, owner of eNovem, a Qalcwise Partner. – What is more, developing the application doesn’t require large resources. It is simple, fast and relatively cheap. There is no need to incur costly investments and expand the team – he adds.

Unlimited possibilities for business applications

Qalcwise is a Polish start-up created by experienced experts in financial management, analytics, and system implementation who know the needs and limitations of both business and IT. Thanks to a holistic approach to processes in companies, they have created a solution from the client’s perspective. In their applications, they kept what was known and liked in spreadsheets and added new possibilities. Qalcwise innovatively combines the flexibility of spreadsheets with group work, scalability and the workflow.

The platform allows you to automate business processes independently and quickly, without the participation of programmers, while ensuring the security and standards required by IT. The applications perfectly replace spreadsheets and manual processes, also fill the gaps in ERP. Qalcwise allows companies to smoothly go through digital transformation, without a long and costly revolution.

Both customers and partners recognize the potential of Qalcwise. The start-up established in 2014 is growing dynamically. In 2019 it doubled its income, the number of customers and partners. Qalcwise has completed over 20 implementations in large organizations (e.g. Carrefour, CCC, Osram, Schindler, Costa Coffee, Lafarge, Gatta, Medicover) and has already been used by over 100,000 users.

Krzysztof Kowal, CEO and Co-Founder of Qalcwise. Qalcwise is the groundbreaking No-Code Development Platform on a global scale. It represents a completely new approach to how spreadsheets are used to effectively run business processes.

Qalcwise already has a dozen local and international partners. Start-up is a partner of the EYnovation program, under which EY supports young and innovative projects with high development potential and ambition for international expansion. – Thanks to cooperation within EYnovation, EY combines the needs of established companies with innovative solutions offered by start-ups and thus supports companies around the world in the efficient implementation of digital transformation strategies – says Krzysztof Witkowski, Associate Partner EY, EYnovation Leader

Benefits of cooperation

From the beginning, the company focuses on indirect sales and builds an international partner network. Qalcwise ensures friendly and dialogue-based cooperation. Because the company is in the growth phase, it openly receives feedback and adapts to expectations. Partners actively participate in creating the product and developing the most innovative technology in the world, which is the no-code. This is a unique opportunity to become part of an important and prospective trend – IT democratization and the development of self-service platforms.

Qalcwise offers partners to support at every stage of cooperation. – The development of the sales network is very important to us. Our team focuses on providing the best software, we sell mainly through partners. However, we provide technical, substantive and marketing support, we share business cases and together develop the platform – says Krzysztof Kowal, CEO of Qalcwise. – If necessary, our consultants help create unusual solutions for clients – he adds.

Qalcwise partners receive:

  • adaptation and training program
  • marketing and sales support
  • technical and sales support

Why become a Qalcwise Partner?

  • Provide your company with a steady profit through regular SaaS subscription commissions
  • Get additional income through after-sales services
  • Fill in the gaps in your offer. Provide a wider range of products and services
  • Take advantage of hundreds of Qalcwise applications and increase sales through cross-sell and up-sell activities
  • Increase your reach and enter new markets – share your applications on the Qalcwise marketplace

Join the Qalcwise partner program and become part of a global community that develops no-code technology. Gain unique know-how and access to design tools. Create and sell flexible solutions faster than ever. Scale your business strategy and grow your ROI. Learn more about the program here or contact us:

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