Get rid of paper in accounting in a few days!

Accounting Departments are at the forefront of organizations when it comes to processing the amount of paper. The digitization of this area seems to be a daunting task, but also inevitable. The pandemic forces companies to minimize paper documentation and limit direct contact. However, digitization of accounting does not have to be a time-consuming and costly process. Thanks to business applications, it can be reduced to a few days and you can quickly feel the benefits of automation.

A big challenge for Accounting is keeping order, avoiding delays in payments, and problems with audits. With a traditional organization, each step of processing a paper invoice is handled manually. There is no complete control over whose hands the document passes through. This often causes delays and failure to meet payment deadlines, especially in the absence of those responsible for acceptance. And it also fosters fraud. Searching for documents in the archive is also a problem. Storing paper documentation is often costly, and its destruction requires appropriate procedures. The answer to these challenges is the electronic flow of documentation and workflow automation.


You can transfer all activities related to invoice and order processing to a dedicated application. All employees can use the app, you decide who to grant permissions. Then any authorized employee can initiate invoice processing, and managers can approve documents remotely, minimizing the risk of delays.

Payment systems allow you to track invoices and easily access information during or after the approval process. Information for each invoice is available at your fingertips at any time.

How to go paperless in Accountancy with Qalcwise?

Qalcwise provides a very simple and intuitive interface. The application accurately indicates pieces of information that must be manually typed in, while others are being loaded automatically from related tables.

Simple and effective workflow

Application contains two modules. The first one is used for providing necessary data on suppliers, amounts and dates. After selecting delivery details, users are prompted to assign the invoice to the right approver. Application assures verification of approvers, based on their area of responsibilities. When the amount exceeds predefined limits, the invoice is sent for a second-level acceptance.

The second module is used for reporting. Reports include a summary of all costs. Users are able to filter costs by year, month and supplier and view them in a form of easy-to-read tables. In addition to tables, reporting module contains various charts, so that business users can maintain better control over their costs.

Ongoing cost control

Thanks to reports tailored to your needs, you can freely compile and monitor costs in the organization. You will find a graphical overview of the costs by month and vendor.

Simple and intuitive interface

Qalcwise interface makes the use of the application extremely pleasant! The app informs exactly which data we have to fill in and which are taken from the related tables.

The most important functionalities:

  • Real-time management
  • Full transparency
  • Minimizing the risk of fraud and mistakes
  • Possibility of working many people on one document at the same time

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