Grid view – feature of the year 2019

At Qalcwise, our focus is on bringing usability to everyday work experience. That’s why we equip non-technical people with a tool allowing them to build business applications on their own. For this to happen, the tool needs to be maximally intuitive and practical. To ensure that we are constantly expanding the Qalcwsie platform,  introducing new features and improving the old ones. This year we have implemented a whole lot of them, but one turned out to be extremely successful. It is a grid!

Until now, Qalcwise users could use a view that displays only the data app developer had specified in advance. The new grid (tabular view) allows you to adjust the way data is displayed so that it suits your particular needs. You can pick specific details you need to see and hide those irrelevant. The view does not change automatically after you leave, so next time you log to Qalcwise you’ll see exactly what you set the last time.

Old view versus the new one. What a change! But if you prefer the old way, you can use the list view.

With grid view you don’t need to run any specific app to see what data other users have entered to Qalcwise. It may seem like a small gain, but if you switch between apps more often it will save you a lot of time and make working with Qalcwise more fun. For easier browsing, you can filter out any amount of columns you like. You can also export the filtered data, e.g. to an Excel file.

From the view level you are able to manage tasks and requests without launching the corresponding apps. You can add, accept, reject, etc. tasks from various applications in one place. Another new cool feature is that you can collectively accept all the documents with one click. The new release of Qalcwise is really about speed!

So we’re ending the year with a feeling of a job well done… and with heads full of ideas for the future. So, stay tuned, as we will soon provide you with more cool stuff .