How no-code is helping employees prepare for a digital skill shift

What are we doing at Qalcwise? Apps? Applications are just a tool, the goal is to free people from restrictions, develop digital skills, empower them and prepare for a great shift.  See how much you can gain by using no-code technology!

Usually, business departments and IT are two separate worlds, each of them speaks a different language and has different priorities. In such a situation, you can’t successfully digitize your business and introduce innovative solutions. What is more, in many companies employees can’t get the necessary tools, they work on old systems that are so unmatched that they get frustrated and use back spreadsheets or paper. Often companies do not approach technology strategically, they do not create coherent ecosystems, but selectively provide tools to departments. And systems usually suit classic processes and book examples. But most companies have unique processes and structure, they manage them in a specific way. And they need tailored tools, ready to constantly adapt to changes and the scale of business.

At the moment, most companies are not developing their digital skills quickly enough, even if they plan to introduce or already develop cloud solutions, robotization or advanced data analysis. Employees are not ready for the impact of artificial intelligence, process automation and other new technologies. As shown by a study conducted by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants and KPMG International, 76% from more than 670 organizations that currently plan, develop or implement digital transformation programs, allocates less than 10% of training budget to overcome employees important competency deficiencies.

And that’s the moment to consider no-code technology. No-code platforms are a bridge between Business and IT due to the fact that they transfer part of the developer’s competence to business people. They allow building even complex applications with simple, visual drag&drop components and formulas. No waiting in a queue for IT help, no hours of explaining to programmers what the process looks like. By using no-code employees can solve problems by themselves and create apps for their departments. And finally, bring digital transformation to light. By the way, employees develop strategic, creative thinking and digital skills. Communing with technology makes them more self-confident and they can put ideas into practice. They begin to understand IT better and can work out solutions together.

This phenomenon is called IT democratization, as a result of which citizen development is becoming more popular. These non-programmers usually know better what the business needs from the new software, they just need an appropriate tool! Qalcwise gives you a tool that allows you to easily automate any process, at the same time provides security controls and quality standards. The platform lets companies grow own army of citizen developers, fill the gaps in existing systems with self-made apps, and create a multifunctional digital ecosystem.

IT democratization is extremely valuable when everyone is afraid of automation and AI. Retraining and upskilling employees is a great challenge. Our work will be more and more connected with innovative solutions, therefore the ability to work with AI will be invaluable. No-code makes technology more accessible. It is a connector that allows non-technical people to use advanced technology. They learn to use their ideas, create prototypes, test various solutions and optimize work. They learn that technology does not replace people, but deprives them of drudgery and creates plenty of room for the development of digital skills. In fact, Gartner says that automation and AI will create more jobs than it eliminates, but this requires a new approach from us, greater digital skills and a closer relationship with technology. No-code is the best place to start this adventure!