How Smart Documents support remote work?

We have a plenty of tools for remote work – like email, chat, video conferencing. But how to manage documents that need approval and confirmation? There is an easy solution – Qalcwise apps that let you create smart documents that are self-aware of who needs to approve them.

The challenge for many companies is to transfer work to a remote mode, which until now has always required physical presence. This applies especially to the management of documents – invoices, contracts, reports, applications that require someone’s signature and acceptance. Qalcwise, online no-code app builder, has the solution that enables convenient remote work!

We’ve created a Smart Document that is self-aware who need to approve it. You can create such a document with a few mouse clicks on our platform. Using ready-made widgets you create a document, and then define its flow. Set in what order and to whom it is going to be forwarded. You can design any acceptance path! Each employee receive email notifications and is able to perform their action. But this is not the end. The Smart Document not only automatically ask for acceptance and go to the next stage, but also perform the necessary calculations. Just like MS Excel! And it keep all the data in the database, so you know exactly who made the changes. You can import and import data from Smart Documents into any program via Rest API.

Qalcwise brings all the tasks managed in spreadsheets and documents into an easy-to-use application. Apps support any B2B or B2E processes and give you the confidence of safe, efficient and effective remote work. And it doesn’t require installation or even VPN. The applications are ready to use, just log in using your browser and start using!

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