How to create paperless in-house Legal Department

Legal departments generate the most paper documents, and at the same time must take special care of their security, archiving and making them available only to authorized persons. Learn how business applications ensure convenient and secure access to documentation even when employees work remotely.

It is also a big challenge to provide documents for inspection (in paper form) or circulating documents in e-mails, as well as to enforce multi-stage approvals, especially during remote work. Lack of control over the status and access to documents, the inability to verify who introduced a given change in the file, creates a huge risk of error or a field for fraud. Business applications respond to these needs, allowing you to move your legal department to the cloud. The digitization of the contract repository, workflow and approval paths automation are particularly important in a pandemic, when not all employees are available and have to work remotely, without access to paper documents or archives.


Introduce electronic document workflow and online archive. First of all, centralize permissions and documents. Transfer all paper documents to the system by scanning them, and then determine the persons authorized to read and edit. Avoid a situation where it is necessary to sign a document, and the employee does not have the appropriate permissions, and also does not have access to the previous version of the contract.

Establish document approval paths, depending on parameters important for your organization, e.g. their type and value. Notify relevant users of the need to complete the next step in the process. Complete the process with an electronic signature.

Keep all contracts, orders, etc. in one place. Enable multiple people to access one document at the same time. Assign documents to appropriate teams responsible for them, contractors, suppliers or customers. Remind authorized employees about important dates, e.g. the end of the contract, the need to extend the cooperation, renew the contract.

How will you make Legal Department paperless with Qalcwise:

You can transfer the organizational structure to the application and update it automatically. Put digital documents in one place in the app. Assign them to employees who can view or edit them. Automatically remind about expiring permissions and send notifications. Revoke authorizations, if necessary. Find documents that you are authorized to read quickly and conveniently. Streamline document management thanks to flexible approval paths and automatic reminders. Gain access to a complete record of readings, modifications, etc.

The most important functions provide by Qalcwise apps:

  • Acceleration of document signing processing
  • Full control over permissions
  • Easy to search and read
  • Flexible workflow
  • Automatic reminders
  • Liquidation of local archives

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