How to effectively optimize sales processes thanks to sales automation?

sales automation

The key to the correct optimization of sales processes in any company is the use of appropriate tools. The solutions available on the market very often meet only part of our expectations. In contrast, the applications available on the Qalcwise platform can be modified. This enables the industry-specific needs to be fully met. The use of tailored solutions helps to effectively plan sales and leave behind the competition that uses generic tools.

Sales automation using the Qalcwise app

It is said that each industry has its own specificity. To meet the needs of our customers, we provide a number of proven applications that enable sales automation in both the Small-Medium Business (SMB) and Enterprise segments.

What applications enable sales planning ?

An example may be dedicated CRM systems, thanks to which salespeople can achieve their goals faster and easier. The applications also support mobile budgeting of expenses and reliable forecasting. With their help, you can also take care of an incentive system for employees in the form of bonuses or commissions. Project and order management is much easier if the tools we use every day do the most time-consuming part of the work for us.

Is careful sales planning profitable?

Of course it is. Sales planning is inseparable from the preparation of a list of indicators enabling an objective assessment of whether the adopted strategies are being implemented. In many industries, traders often wait for the end of the month to close contracts. Unfortunately, leaving it at the last minute is associated with an increase in the number of mistakes made. The applications available on the Qalcwise platform also facilitate processes from the customer’s perspective.

Sales planning using the Qalcwise application allows you to collect opinions through satisfaction surveys and ensure good relations with contractors thanks to loyalty programs.

What is the complaint handling system useful for?

Efficient handling of complaints and regular quality control are necessary to guarantee the competitiveness of services on the international market. A modern and tailored to the business profile complaint handling system makes this process more pleasant for both the customer and the employees. Such a solution can be easily integrated with other applications, which will significantly facilitate our daily work. Sales automation is about combining functionalities provided by applications created on the Qalcwise platform.