How to find a multifunctional employee platform?

According to statistics, companies employing more than a hundred employees use as many as three different systems that enable staff to manage the company. When calculating the average, it is worth remembering that where some people use two programs, others need as many as five or six. No wonder that the interest in multi-functional platforms is constantly growing. With their help, you can replace all applications with one comprehensive technology.

How does the modern employee platform work?

A good example is the Employee File – a system created on the no code Qalcwise platform. You do not have to worry that this is another program to be implemented in the company – on the contrary. It will allow you to opt out of all other programs or complete them – regardless of their purpose. Such a platform that gathers many applications for managing HR areas is, in a way, a supersystem that combines a number of possibilities. Among them are:

– submitting applications for leave, a raise or an advance payment;

– checking the leave status;

– verification of the terms of the contract and the employee’s equipment;

– collecting PITs;

– expense reporting;

– access to work regulations or quality policy;

– sending notifications about deadlines;

– reminding about events;

– filling out recruitment forms

  • settlement of employee delegation

and many others. If standard solutions were used, most of the above-mentioned processes would require the implementation of completely new software. With the Qalcwise platform, you do not need to invest in an average of 3 management systems. One is enough to have a full insight into the situation, and this translates into e.g. to make better decisions and save a lot of time and even money.

What distinguishes the comprehensive employee platform?

We perfectly understand the resistance to implementing new technology in the company. Therefore, we encourage you to take a look at the most important benefits of the proposed technology. At the very beginning, it should be emphasized that a Qalcwise 100% replaces manually managed processes, and also fills gaps in other systems. It is a no code platform, which means that you do not need a whole team of programmers and months of work to implement it. Knowing traditional spreadsheets, you are able to adjust the Employee File to your needs by customizing ready-made applications for your needs.

This does not mean, however, that the programs used so far must end up in the trash. On the contrary: such a platform enables integration with existing systems (e.g. SAP or TETA) while facilitating their use. It doesn’t even require a system rebuild. Integration can be carried out even by a person without programming education.

The price of such a solution is also in favor. It guarantees up to 10 times savings compared to competing products.

Where to order a professional employee platform for the HR department?

To find a program that meets the company’s requirements, you do not have to search the Internet for hours, because it is at your fingertips. Qalcwise applications that make up a single platform is a specialized tool that will integrate the currently used company software in order to simplify the processes of management, settlement, administration, recruitment and all other mechanisms that make up the functioning of the enterprise.