How to go completely paperless in HR?

HR departments literally drown in paper. Regardless of whether it’s personal questionnaires, holiday requests, delegation settlement, employees of the HR department are obliged to collect signatures on documents. Here’s a solution that will make your HR department completely paperless in just a few weeks.

Many companies have already introduced the option of storing electronic copies of documents, but still, paper copies are kept, and many employee matters are handled manually. Employee portals, in turn, only allow you to download and print paper forms, and not the actual settlement of the matter. Digitization of HR processes is extremely important in the era of a pandemic when some offices work in a hybrid model and employees performing tasks remotely are not able to deliver or accept documents traditionally.


HR employees spend an average of 14 hours a week on “paperwork” that can be automated. Replacing paper, numerous calendars, Excel, and incompatible systems to which data is entered manually with a modern employee portal. Such a portal is one place for all employees, regardless of the role they play in the organization, ensuring full compliance with the company’s rules and processes as well as security. It’s a place where you can realistically “do the job”. So you can actually submit an application for leave, request for a business trip, report expenses, fill in a circulation card or an employee appraisal, download a tax report, or a payslip.

Automation improves document flow and the approval process. Employees have easy access to their data and documents and can check the status of their application at any time. In turn, supervisors have an insight into costs, the level of absence, and can manage permissions. HR and supervisors can generate any report on demand, checking the level of budget utilization or absences in real-time.

How will you make your HR paperless with Qalcwise:

Define and automate workflow and acceptance path in Qalcwise app
Simple and legible forms

In the Qalcwise apps, you can create any online forms, in accordance with the company’s regulations. Thanks to automation, we minimize the risk of mistakes, because in the forms you can embed any rules, budgets, and limits, not allowing you to enter an incorrect number. The application automatically calculates the number of allowances, employee lump sums or kilometers and downloads the appropriate exchange rate for a given currency. You can attach any document (e.g. a scan of a receipt) to the application and settle expenses conveniently.

Quick approvals

The document is automatically sent to the supervisor and, after approval, to HR department. Approvals are much faster, and the data is saved in the system, enabling, for example, information about the due return to be transferred to the accounting department. At every stage, users know where their application is and who is managing it at the moment. Integrate the application with payment cards available on the market, thanks to which the costs incurred can be up-to-date and automatically sent for approval.

Control and analysis

As many as 50% of employees do not comply with the policy regarding business expenses, and 43% of companies experience fraud. The applications allow for better control of the circulation of documents, expenses, payment cards, etc. Access to data in real-time allows us to monitor the amount of funds granted and used, submitted applications, etc. The staff and superiors gain full transparency and the possibility of better financial management.

The most important functions:

  • simple online forms
  • multi-stage approvals
  • allocation of costs to the department (cost center)
  • management of permissions and limits
  • archiving of documents
  • distribution of documents
  • generating statements
  • calculations (e.g. kilometers)
  • Employee dashboard
  • HR / Supervisor dashboard
  • personalized and configurable notifications via email
  • predefined reports for the Human Resources Department, Accounting Department, Superior
  • export of reports to PDF or Excel
  • mobile – reporting and settlement of applications from any mobile device

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