How to increase profits thanks to timesheet app?


Team, project, and task management in a pandemic era is a huge challenge for many companies. Existing methods and tools are insufficient, there is a lack of control, and communication leaves much to be desired. So how to ensure efficient project management and increase their profitability? Try timesheet app and automate work hours tracking!

During the lockdown, many companies lost the ability to supervise employees and were afraid that the declared time spent on projects did not reflect the real one. The problem was (and still is) errors in statements and reports, practically impossible to verify in the remote work system. Therefore, difficulties arose not only in settling current projects or overtime but also in planning new works. This raises many misunderstandings on both the employer-employee and company-customer lines. It also prevents the control of margins or the actual assessment of project profitability.

Switch to apps

Spreadsheets are the most popular tools for registering working time. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for efficient group work and are also prone to errors (e.g. overwriting data) and abuse. Some companies even have paper forms and graphics that have proved useless when they switched to remote mode due to a coronavirus threat. In such situations, online tools come in handy, perfectly fulfilling the functions of time recording systems (the so-called Timesheet). What’s more, they allow you to optimize the occupancy on projects, better plan the costs of future projects and thus save money.

So the question remains, how to choose the best solution? There are many time tracking tools on the market, but most of them offer ready, rigid modules. A great alternative are scheduling and work tracking applications on the Qalcwise platform, which provide full customization. This is the only solution that allows you to 100% match the tool to the process, and not the other way around. And it is based on formulas and logic known from spreadsheets, making its operation extremely easy.

Companies that decide to use the timesheet application are often surprised how unprofitable they have carried out projects so far.

How it’s working? Employees log in from any device and anywhere in the world, conveniently report work done, and the employer can directly track attendance and results. The risk of errors is much lower because the applications control the correctness of the information entered and allow you to generate a report at any time. So you do not have to wait for the employee to send you the file by email to discover that his powers are not fully used or, on the contrary, is overloaded. The scheduling app automatically synchronizes the number of hours remaining in the project between all its participants. Thanks to on-demand reports showing real-time data, the company can manage occupancy on an ongoing basis, move employees to other projects, monitor the margin level, and optimize costs. The timesheet app facilitates scheduling and allocation of resources, as well as a more precise valuation of work. Thanks to accurate data, employees are sure that they will receive the right amount of remuneration, and customers that they will pay for the actual work done.

The benefits of automation

Project management automation allows to reduce by 90% the time needed to create schedules and assign work, but also to settle work time and calculate remuneration. Companies can also save (up to 60%) on overtime pay. The applications also increase productivity and job satisfaction, thanks to better management, efficient communication and elimination of misunderstandings.

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Qalcwise applications create more possibilities than popular timesheet software and are much simpler to use. They allow you to quickly and conveniently manage many projects and tasks in one place. Thanks to graphic visualization of the process (workflow) they allow convenient tracking of work progress. In addition, they improve communication, group work, minimizing the risk of delays and errors.

Companies that decide to use the application are often surprised how unprofitable they have carried out projects so far – says Sylwia Ciemińska, Manager of Sales at – It often turns out that employees spend a lot of time on administrative or non-productive tasks that can be automated, and delegate employees to urgent tasks.

Thanks to Qalcwise timesheet application, companies can run an unlimited number of projects on their own terms or as required by the organization and structure. This solution will work well in companies of all sizes, employing both stationary, remote as well as temporary or shift employees.

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