How to use Partnerwise app for managing partnership program?

Partnerwise is a first no-code app to manage your partnership network. It allows you to onboard new partners and trains them, register and monitor deals, report and reward, and much more! The application for managing partnership is ready and very easy to use!

What is Partnerwise?

Partnerwise is a SaaS tool created by Qalcwise for running an affiliate program. It’s a self-service application that helps to intuitively manage the partner network and increase its efficiency. What distinguishes Partnerwise from other partnership management software is its functions that go beyond the registering events and documents. Qalcwise apps allow for calculation and generation of commercial offers, calculation of forecasts and budgets, also a settlement of partner commissions, bonuses, and retro-discounts. With flexible rules of acceptance and efficient task flow, Qalcwise enables calculation of inventory and automatically generates relevant notifications.

You can configure the application (no programming needed!) to suit the specificity of your affiliate program. Thanks to the built-in rules and ready-made forms, the app makes sure data entering and results reporting are performed according to established rules.

Move from spreadsheets or maladjusted CRM to Partnerwise App:

  • is ready immediately just log in to the platform and invite partners
  • you can customize it – set any rules and commission system
  • is as simple as spreadsheets – point and click, use formulas, drag and drop
  • you can integrate it with any system – use API and integrate with CRM, accounting system etc.

Benefits for Partnerwise users:

  • reduce time to manage new partnerships
  • ensure efficient communication
  • gain control over results
  • optimize goals and model the program as needed
  • ensure an attractive bonus system and timely payments
  • facilitate access to educational and training materials
  • handle queries conveniently
  • increase partner engagement
  • eliminate emails, sheets and paper

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How to use Partnerwise?

Simply log in the Qalcwise site via browser and open Partnerwise application. App dashboard allows going to every other module of the partner portal and contains all necessary data about your partnership.

You can create a content hub – give easy access to training materials, guides, instructions, and regulations. All resources in one place!

How to register a deal or task?

Partners can easily report sales opportunities, so you know what’s going on. Just fill in the form and click register.

You can easily submit requests, inquiries, manage tasks. Just input request information and click “Submit as open” button.

How to analyze data?

Thanks to Partnerwise you can more effectively analyze the data. With constant access to always current and complete data, you can forecast and plan results with greater precision. You will quickly identify weaker areas and strengthen them. You can optimize plans on an ongoing basis and strengthen positive trends. Thanks to real-time statistics you have full control over the partner program. Thanks to transparent, user-friendly interfaces, you can easily analyze historical data, current sales and provide adequate bonuses.

It’s more than CRM! Partnerwise is a multifunctional platform for managing partnership, improving communication and increasing its results. Try it today! Find out how the Qalcwise App help managing partner programs and transforms your network into the most efficient sales channel. Contact us at