Hyperautomatization vol.6 conference

Prof. Warsaw School of Economics, dr hab. Andrzej Sobczak is well known in the area of automation, robotization, AI, Machine Learning and Process Mining in Poland. That is why it was him who, for the 6th time, organized a conference on hyperautomation, in which we, as Qalcwise, together with the Medicover Foundation, had the opportunity to participate. The Hyperautomatization vol.6 conference was held on 30.11-01.12.2023 and consisted of two days, filled with a large dose of substantive knowledge and practical workshops.

In the last two years, 5 editions of the conference were organized, attended by nearly 8,000 people from all over Poland. “November 2022 marks 3 years since Gartner popularized the term hyperautomation. We decided that it was a great opportunity to meet again and talk about the successes and failures of implementing this concept in Polish companies” – said Prof. Sobczak. You can find out more about the conference at www.hiperautomatalizacja.pl

Low-code/no-code solutions

CAGR for the low-code market, which determines the size of the market, assumes an increase in the low-code/no-code category from USD 10.3 billion in 2019 to USD 187 billion in 2030. This is a planned over 18-fold increase of the entire industry . In view of such challenges, we decided that during the conference we would introduce the participants to various “faces” of process automation and focused on the use case presented together with the Medicover Foundation. In addition to the subject of no code, which we represented as the only one, the topics of robotization, RPA, Process Automation, Process Mining also appeared during the conference. There were representatives of Microsoft with their low-code solution Power Apps, UiPath partners, Atlassian Jira and many, many others.

Application development workshop as part of the Hyperautomatization Conference

In addition to the joint presentation with the Medicover Foundation, we had the pleasure of conducting a 2-hour practical workshop “Learn about the possibilities of the no code platform and create your first application in 2 hours”. The workshops were held in the formula of joint application development, which was presented step by step by Szymon Baryła – Business Analyst Qalcwise. Participants of the workshop had the opportunity to register in advance, which resulted in the possibility of receiving free access to the platform and real creation of the application, together with the lecturer, during the workshop.

Automation in every company

Currently, automation and robotization are unavoidable processes in any of medium and large companies. It affects most processes, improves the functioning of the company and reduces the time previously spent on “manual” execution of processes, which is why the next edition of the Hyperautomatization vol. 7 conference is in preparation.

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