Manage holiday and absence in a simple App!

How much leave do I have? – HRs hear this question quite often, especially right before the holiday season. It’s time when piles of requests grow on their desks and phones… they just don’t stop ringing. And there are replacements to manage. Both employees and employers have a really hard time arranging their work during holidays. Good thing Qalcwise has a solution – business apps to manage holiday and absence available right-away.

Easy, errorless and on time

Qalcwise Holiday & Abbsence App is a tremendous help for workers and their supervisors. Employees can check how many days-off they’re entitled to and submit paper-less holiday requests. They can make a faster decision and don’t need to wait for the request to be confirmed. Neither they have to collect signed approvals or send email reminders. HRs, on the other hand, are relieved of answering the same holiday-related questions, searching through tons of paper documents and manually compiling spreadsheets. With Qalcwise Apps being 100% labor law compliant, all legal issues become obsolete. Regular maintenance keep Qalcwise platform up-to-date with all rules and regulations. HRs may rest easy!

Thanks to automation, Qalcwise minimizes the risk of mistakes, ensuring that the number of requested vacation days is always in line with the limit. And above all, you get rid of paper! Managing your company in a real paperless spirit is finally possible!

The request automatically goes to the supervisor, and then, after being approved, to HR. Acceptances are much faster and all data is saved in the system. You can easily generate any report and quickly check the level of absences in a given period. Decision making and substitution management (eg. with seasonal employees) is easier and more convenient with Qalcwsie.

Self-service mobile Apps

Qalcwise offers ready-to-use Apps that can be put to work right away. You can also tailor them to your company’s needs within a few hours. And they’ re cloud-based so you don’t need any additional infrastructure or IT department to use it! Most importantly, Qalcwsie platform uses no-code technology (no programming), so HR employees can independently adapt the solution to their needs. Apps are fully customizable and flexible, allowing users to add new functionalities and implement all the necessary rules. HRs can introduce new limits and alerts, add vacation types and define acceptance paths and document flow – all that by themselves!

And what’s more, Qalcwise applications work on all mobile devices, so vacation requests can also be submitted and accepted on your smartphone! It’s extremely convenient for those employees who are often on business trips or work remotely.

Qalcwise gives you a set of Apps to manage holiday & absence:

Holiday request App

This is an App for submitting a holiday request. It has access to all necessary employee and vacation data. The requests are subject to validation, meaning that employees know how many days they have left. There is no risk that the employee will enter an incorrect number. The App also ensures that you fill in relevant boxes providing all necessary information.

In the App’s history tab, the employee can check who is currently processing the request or when it was accepted/declined.

List of employees

It’s an App for managing the employee base. You can add new employees and their vacation days, types of contracts and number of full-time jobs. You can also assign them to departments and supervisors and change the data of current employees. At the end of the year, your App automatically summarizes the level of vacation use and prepares a ready closing report. On its basis, you can upload a list of available holidays for the next year!

Summary report

Allows you to check the current status of holidays for each employee. Already spent days off are added together and subtracted from the main pool. Thanks to the Summary report, you can monitor the level of vacation use for the whole company.

The last App allows management to check who is currently on vacation or absent. It allows them to monitor and control all absences.

Request report

With this report, you check all the holiday leaves used by a particular employee or department (broken down by type and number of days)

Setup App

This App is solely for management. It allows them to implement new policies – e.g. new home office limits or new rules for applying for days off (eg. length of leave at which employee needs a higher supervisor’s acceptance). They can also add holidays as benefits (e.g. for an employee’s birthday.

The third tab displays all requests that have been sent in a given year, informing you about holidays that have already been used.

Attendance tracking App

All Qalcwise Apps can be integrated into one platform. It means that managing holiday and absence can be connected to the App for travel management or App for time registration. Qalcwise can be integrated with every other system in your company (eg. HR & payroll system), so you don’t have to manually move data. Make your absence & leave management easy! Test your App today – contact us at 

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