Partner’s Day by Qalcwise

Partners Day

Partner’s Day by Qalcwise is an event that took place on September 13, 2022, at NINE’s Restaurant & Sports Bar. Dozens of people gathered at Qalcwise Partner’s Day 2022, with whom we talked about the new Partner Program, strategy and plans for the coming year, road map and new functionalities, best dev practice, but we also inspired them to spread knowledge about nocode in Poland. The meeting was attended by business partners such as: Addendum, BWExperts, MAIN Data Center, COMVERGA, EY, eNovem, Intraq, Konrad Kowal, KR GROUP, Mabronet, Net Complex, Omega and Subeo.

Conversations about no-code

Conversations, questions, interesting discussions and inspiring ideas were focused around the no-code market in Poland. We talked about the future of no-code and the rapid development of the market abroad. According to CAGR, the low-code/no-code category is expected to grow from USD 10.3 billion in 2019 to USD 187 billion in 2030. So we wrote about it here.

Partnerwise portal available for Qalcwise Partners

The meeting also contributed to the launch of a new version of the PartnerWise portal, available to Qalcwise Business Partners. The platform contains a set of necessary files and documents for marketing activities by partners, customer registration and tutorials showing how to build an application for a customer step by step.

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