Qalcwise at the forefront of European leaders in the G2 Winter 2020 report!

G2 Crowd has published the results of G2 Winter 2020 Reports. Qalcwise has advanced 6 places in the Momentum Grid® Report for No-code Development Platforms, got the highest Net Promoter Score and achieved 2nd best result in Europe customer satisfaction survey.

The leading website for reviewing business solutions, G2 Crowd, publishes a quarterly customer satisfaction report every quarter. On December 18, we learned the results of G2 Winter 2020 Reports. For the first time, G2 included also a regional classification. Qalcwise scored 77% and finished on 2nd place in the No-code platform ranking in the EMEA region. Ninox Database came first. Our platform has achieved the best rating for ease of setup (98%), quality of support (98%) and ease of use (97%). As many as 93% of customers believe that Qalcwise met their expectations. The highest rated positions included: workflow (interactive display of work results and tasks), application implementation and WYSIWYG editor.

G2 Crowd also published the results of Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, a popular methodology for assessing customer loyalty. Customers were asked if they would recommend the product to others. The scale ranged from -100 to 100, with a 71+ result placing a company in the top league! Qalcwise gained the result of 93!

G2 Grid for No-Code Development Platforms Software

Qalcwise has also moved up by 6 positions in the Momentum Grid® Report for No-Code Development Platforms. A product’s Momentum score is calculated by a proprietary algorithm that factors in social, web, employee, and review data that G2 has deemed influential in a company’s momentum. Here you can find out our full profile and customers reviews.

We are pleased to know that Qalcwise gets such a positive reception from clients and helps them meet their business needs in the field of process digitization. No-code platforms provide drag-and-drop tools that enable businesses to develop software quickly and without coding. The platforms offer WYSIWYG editor tools and drag-and-drop components to quickly assemble and design applications. Many of these products are geared toward enterprise-sized businesses that need to quickly design large scale business processes and workflow applications. What distinguishes Qalcwise is its unique functionality and flexibility, which allows it to be fully adapted to the process,  and not the other way around. If you want to join the group of satisfied customers, write to us, and we will be happy to present the possibilities of our applications. Contact us at:

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