Qalcwise enhanced with new search and download features

We are constantly working on the development of our no-code platform. We want to offer access to a tool that meets the needs of even the most demanding users. That is why we are constantly enriching Qalcwise with new functionalities that allow for an even more rewarding experience while using the apps.

We have recently introduced three new useful features to our API that support the integration of Qalcwise with other systems used by our customers.

Here they are:

  1. Search selected data across even the most complex and extensive record databases.

No more manual search through endless table! For example, if you keep a record of sales contracts over the years, from now on, with Qalcwise you can efficiently search through the table for the contracts that were signed in a selected month of the year or find all purchase documents for a particular product or service.

Technical documentation

2. Efficiently locate specific documents within an application.

From now on, you can quickly find relevant documents that have been created in or imported into Qalcwise applications. For example, if you are using a leave management application, you can easily search for all requests made in the application by a specific person or requests from a selected week.

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3. Download data within a single document.

Want to use any data from your documents outside the Qalcwise app? Nothing easier – from now on you can easily download it to the device you are using.

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Try out the new features today!

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