Qalcwise no-code platform in EYnovation program

Qalcwise joined EYnovation program and became the part of Corporate Innovator’s Toolbox as a solution for automating processes without coding.

In 2019 Qalcwise joined EYnovation program, under which EY supports young and innovative projects with high development potential and ambition for international expansion. The company brought together world-class corporate innovators’ tools to help entrepreneurs stay up to date. Qalcwise platform is available in Corporate Innovator’s Toolbox as a solution enabling automation and customization of the company’s processes.

Thanks to cooperation within EYnovation, EY combines the needs of established companies with innovative solutions offered by start-ups and thus supports companies around the world in the efficient implementation of digital transformation strategies – says Krzysztof Witkowski, Associate Partner EY, EYnovation Leader.

Qalcwise is an alternative to time-consuming, expensive development and programmers shortage. It’s an app-builder platform for business people, employees with no technical skills. Users can simply – and without IT help – automate all processes in companies, previously managed in spreadsheets or on paper. Applications fill gaps in ERP, CRP, BPM and other systems and free human potential from repetitive, tedious work. Qalcwise allow to shorten and simplify the workflow and better control processes. It’s a fast, convenient, secure and economical way to digital transformation.

Cooperation with EY enables Qalcwise to present its solutions to corporations around the world. Start-up CEO and Co-Founder, Krzysztof Kowal was a guest in EY Start-up Talk. Together with Krzysztof Frączek, Sales and Operations Planning Director in Lafarge, they told how to efficiently digitize and automate processes. Thanks to Qalcwise apps Lafarge automated the complex process of managing subcontractors’ employees. Actually, Lafarge uses over 50 self-created applications. Thanks to cooperation with EY, more companies struggling with the challenge of digitization will have opportunity to join the group of satisfied Qalcwise customers.