Ready. Set. App! How to change a regular team into digital champions

Very weak digital skills and resistance to technology are the real threat. They hold back growth and can get out of the market – both the companies and employees. Fortunately, technology itself offers a great solution. Learn how no-code apps help to win digital transformation challenge.

Do you know that 19% of Europeans have no digital skills at all? Just 56% have at least basic skills (1). In Poland we have the same situation, according to GUS data, 58% of people have low or basic digital skills. Today 90% of jobs require basic digital skills, such as sending emails, finding information on the internet and editing documents. As a business digitizes, the bar will be higher and higher. Therefore, technological development is necessary for both companies and employees. Unskilled employees will hold back companies from growing, and not-investing-in-technology-companies will fall out of the market.

Start from the basics

The solution is clear (but we won’t lie, it’s easy). The best way to convince people to technology is to show them it in everyday use, in a natural environment, in relation to their experiences. Start introducing friendly technology into the company where employees feel the most problems so its impact will be well felt. Employees will see that technology supports people, creates new opportunities and new workplaces. Start by replacing manual work, paper, and repetitive tasks. These areas take the most time and energy for employees. The survey, conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Automation Anywhere, found that data entry is the most hated of tasks and workers are wasting more than 40% of their day on manual data tasks (2).

In today’s digitised world, digital skills are as important as being able to read and write. They are basic skills that everyone should have. (EU Commission)

Here comes the harder part. When you identify the most inflammatory spots, you need to think about how to extinguish them. Which technology to choose? There is much software available and it is difficult to assess which of them will bring the most benefits, which will best suit the company. Most of them impose structure and logic, you can rarely adapt them to the specifics of your company, so choosing a supplier usually means a compromise. And the adaptation of the program when the process will change demands a lot of work for developers, which is known to be missing. But it doesn’t have to be like that if you choose agile business applications based on no-code technology.

No-code apps empower people

This technology allows even advanced solutions to be created thanks to simple tools such as widgets. In Qalcwise, users additionally use formulas similar to those of spreadsheets, thanks to which they can use all the necessary functions and even receive new ones (like an audit, register). So you can easily automate tasks and document workflow in any business process (HR, payroll, accountant, administrative, logistic, operational). But that’s not all! Qalcwise allows most advanced calculations to be carried out on large amounts of data coming from various sources. And all of this without IT participation!

Building an application from scratch or a ready configuration is very simple, they don’t require programming skills. But they allow you to develop the ability to use intelligent technology, to solve problems and create solutions by yourself.  It gives you power!

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The first advantage of no-code business applications is their flexibility. From beginning to end, you can adjust them as you like. You can optimize processes, simplify them, and at the same time you gain greater opportunities to introduce improvements. No other tool allows non-technical employees to self-build systems, develop them, interact with technology as the creator and not just the recipient.

Qalcwise applications change companies and teams in a simple and quick way (they do not require long-term and expensive implementation, it takes even a few days), making digital transformation cease to be some abstract threat, but a chance to gain new skills and finally show your potential. When it comes to efficient digitization of enterprises and development of digital skills no-code apps they are second to none. And when it comes to no-code apps, Qalcwise provides the simplest and most functional tool on the market at the same time. In this race, it is worth betting on Qalcwise applications!

Ready. Set. App!

(1) European Commission Factsheet “A Digital Europe needs Digital Skills”
(2) “Office workers would welcome automation of repetitive digital tasks, says survey”