Santa’s Coming to Qalcwise-town

A new version of Qalcwise is soon to be released and you’ll get it no matter if you’ve been nice or naughty this year. You may be expecting a few significant changes in Qalcwise Designer which will make the app development process more user-friendly. What should you exactly prepare for?

  1. New widget: container. This widget is meant to group elements to improve the visual organization of app sections for end users.
  2. New button: Add section. It’s a new, easier way of creating new elements in the app.
  3. Freezing columns.
  4. Scrolling through a spreadsheet or a table.
  5. Adding and moving sections with a text-like cursor.
  6. A new design of the „Designer/Workflow” switcher.
  7. New formulas: sqrt, power.
  8. Custom alerts when a workflow rule isn’t fulfilled.

How do you like it? What would you add in further releases?

Release date: December 2018