Settling travel expenses on the go


Settling travel expenses is a menace for both employees and accounting. Luckily, you can move it to Qalcwise and speed up by 90%! Settle travel expenses before you’re back at the office!

Collecting expenditure settlements from employees turns into end-of-a-month horror for almost every finance and accounting department. Employees, in turn, hate looking for overdue invoices and completing signatures on hurriedly printed settlements from long ago. But if we simplified and automated the process of preparing such reports, both parties would be willing to do it regularly. The TEM (Travel Expenses Management) app does exactly that. It automates all stages of a business trip, storing registered travel orders and reported expenditures, also preparing the settlement for acceptance, and allowing for the final payment.

But that’s not all. After moving your business trip accounting to Qalcwise, you will finally execute your company’s expense procedure. Setting control rules, limits, and permissions within the TEM App will minimize the risk of abuse and help you escape typical spreadsheets expense settling mistakes.

Working with Qalcwise TEM App in a few steps:

Quick creation and acceptance of travel orders

After logging in Qalcwise and running the App, the employee creates travel stages – one if he’s traveling to one place, several if he’s going to move from one destination to another. Then he specifies the details: the purpose of the trip, related customer, destination, date, means of transport, etc. and finally the amount of costs he’s planning in advance. He can also enter information about private stays.

Desktop view
Mobile view

A completed application is sent for the supervisor’s approval. The supervisor receives a notification via email and accepts or rejects the application in the App. If he accepts …then everything is ready and you can hit the road! It really takes only a few minutes to submit an application and obtain permission to travel!

Settling travel expenses on the go

During the trip, an employee can settle his expenses on an ongoing basis. Using the mobile version of the App, he can take photos of receipts with his smartphone and send them for acceptance. His supervisor and accounting department can also use the mobile version to conveniently check the summary of expenses and make a decision.

After returning to the office, the employee doesn’t fill paper forms or photocopy any documents. All expenses he made were settled before he even got back from the trip!

Of course, an employee can settle business trip expenses also after he’s returned. Each stage of the journey has to be accounted for separately and provided with detailed information on expenses, mileage, attached photos or scans of tickets, receipts, bills. The App allows automatic calculation of domestic and foreign diets, as well as kilometers, which guarantees compliance with country-specific regulations. The App automatically imports the list of transactions from business credit cards.

After completing the form, the employee immediately sees the summary and amount of the refund. If parts of expenditure were registered in different currencies, the refund will be converted into the selected currency, e.g. PLN (according to the official exchange rate). The employee can also choose an account number on which he wants to receive a refund. Again, it only takes a few minutes!

Rapid reimbursement

Next, the settlement is sent for the supervisor’s approval and then to the accounting department. The Qalcwise App automatically maps costs to different accounts. Using the same tool, accounting can generate a transfer to a bank (without logging in to the bank’s website) and archive the settlement. The employee receives the refund immediately and doesn’t have to wait, send additional emails or reminders. That’s a real time-saver!

Full control of the process

At any time, superiors or accounting can check the level of expenses and generate a relevant report. Also, inside the App, you can configure periodic reports and set automatic sharing to selected people at the office. With TEM App, you can easily analyze costs in relation to the budget and define various cross-sectional reports for the Finance Department.

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Why Qalcwise?

Qalcwise Apps have significant advantages over competing products – they can be fully tailored to the company’s requirements and don’t need costly and time-consuming implementations. In contrast to box-like programs with rigid modules, Qalcwise Apps are flexible and ready for every expansion. They allow for adding various user-defined functionalities and full integration with other ERP systems, suppliers or hotel booking websites (e.g. So you can transfer the settlement process to the App on a one to one scale, maintaining its specificity and unique rules.

Based on no-code technology, our Apps are 100% self-service. All you need to create one yourself is good knowledge of the process and basic familiarity with spreadsheets-like formulas. IT participation not required!

Working with Qalcwise Apps is as easy as configuring them. Thanks to the intuitive interface, both the employee and his supervisor or accounting have an insight into the necessary data. They can conveniently manage travel requests, orders and expenses. Without paper documents, photocopies, sending emails and compiling data in spreadsheets! Thanks to Qalcwise, managing business trips can be 90% faster! You find that hard to believe?

Check out Qalcwise TEM App and fill out the contact form or write to us at We will be happy to prepare a demo for you.