Top 9 burdensome processes that you will digitize in a few hours


Do you know that your employees spend more than half of their time on administrative tasks? Thanks to digitization, you can free them from the most repetitive, tedious work and allow them to take on more valuable tasks. Check which processes should be digitized first. And how to do it in a few hours!

Empty wheelbarrow syndrome

The situation in many companies resembles a joke: in the construction area, Kowalsky runs back and forth with an empty wheelbarrow. Finally, the manager asks: Why do you run with this empty wheelbarrow? Kowalsky answers: Sir, I’m so buried that I don’t have time to load it.

Every company, regardless of size and industry, has processes that take a long time to handle. Often hand-operated, require filling out paper applications, photocopying a stack of documents, completing spreadsheets and sending them by email. Therefore employees, if they can, put off such things for later. As many as 53% of them admit that they prefer to fill in tax returns than settle business expenses (TriNet). It is not surprising that almost the same number of employees don’t make settlements on time. But who would have time to look for other solutions, implement them, train the team, you need to run with a wheelbarrow!

No digitization, no future

Such process management must end because it’s a huge financial burden for the organization and a development blocker. It’s estimated that repetitive and boring tasks take up to 1/3 of the employees’ time. They often become a contribution to changing jobs. It’s a great challenge for companies to relieve employees, eliminate manually operated, routine processes and maintain competitiveness through efficient management. And here modern tools for digitizing business processes come to the rescue.

The phenomenon of automation raises a lot of emotions. It’s worth remembering that, just as machines used to take over traditionally performed tasks in factories, now modern technologies supported by artificial intelligence will change the organization of enterprises. These technologies will take over the most repetitive tasks of low value, freeing more space for innovation, creativity, mentoring and collaboration.

9 processes you would like to forget about

So the question is not whether to digitize work, but how. And which areas of the company’s business should be digitized first? It’s worth starting with the processes that take the most time for your employees, and at the same time generate many mistakes and additional costs through manual operation. To create a list of the most burdensome tasks, we asked our business partners for their opinion. Here are 9 processes that were most often repeated in their responses:

  1. travel expenses management
  2. business expenses management
  3. scheduling and registration of working time
  4. absence and leave management
  5. recruitment and employer branding
  6. managing purchase orders
  7. calculating employees’ bonuses and commissions
  8. fleet management
  9. budgeting

What characterizes these processes? First of all, they don’t fit into ERP, BI, CRM, BPM systems, etc. They don’t go there for many reasons, most often due to the time-consuming nature of such implementations, too much IT workload or process variability. The need for frequent changes is troublesome for large systems. Therefore, company managers avoid subsequent complex implementations and don’t want to use tools that require the participation of programmers. The thing is, they don’t have to!

Democratization of business applications

Today, digitization no longer requires expensive servers, complex software and hiring experts to maintain them. Along with the popularization of technology for building applications without coding, digitization tools have become available even for small businesses. The great advantage of these solutions is the independence of business from IT. The Qalcwise platform is such a solution. It creates access to ready-made, flexible and intuitive business applications that successfully replace manually operated processes.

Using Qalcwise is as easy as wheelbarrow construction! After logging in to the platform, you get access to ready-to-use applications or you can build your own. To create your application you don’t have to be a programmer, all you need is knowledge of spreadsheets formulas. Implementation and configuration of the application take even several hours (hours, not months!). And the license enables you to create countless applications that cost several times less than traditional systems. Thanks to the flexibility of our tool, you can transfer the process in 100%, fully preserving its specificity and adapting the app to your requirements, not the other way around.

Business applications are the perfect tool for both large and small companies, allowing to handle even complex processes, reducing their costs and increasing team efficiency. You can find out about it even today. You can transfer all 9 most troublesome processes (and much more!) to the ready-to-use Qalcwise application with a few clicks and forget about the manual operation, paperwork or sending attachments via e-mail once and for all. Find out how easy it is… before the competition takes you on a wheelbarrow!

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