Transport automation

When will transport be automated?

The dynamic development of computer technologies played a significant role in the process of shaping modern logistics processes. Technological solutions based on Machine Learning or NLP (Natural Language Processing) enable automation in completely new areas. Machine learning and natural language processing make the prospect of fully automated transport much less distant. Autonomous vehicle designs are increasingly appearing in the portfolio of global brands. According to many, full automation of public transport in highly industrialized countries may take place in this decade.

What is the importance of transport automation in the context of logistics automation?

E-commerce is a relatively new branch in the retail sector. Even before the pandemic period, it was impossible not to notice the increase in the popularity of e-commerce. More and more sellers and companies decide to resign from expensive stationary points in favor of online sales. It has contributed significantly to the rapid growth and expansion of the logistics solutions business sector. Full automation of logistics is a dream of many entrepreneurs from the SMB segment, and at the same time a necessity if they want to remain competitive for the Enterprise sector.

In most countries around the world, we can easily order any products via e-stores or global marketplaces. Automating order transport logistics enables the delivery of most goods within 24 hours, regardless of where we are.

The higher the level of logistics automation in a given enterprise, the lower the cost and time of order processing. The largest players on the market develop their own solutions, which are often surprising. An example of this can be a well-known courier company, whose drivers allegedly only turn right to avoid collisions with other vehicles and reduce fuel consumption.

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