Use case development of business applications for the Medicover Foundation

use case fundacja medicover

The Medicover Foundation is an organization operating at the Medicover company – one of the largest providers of medical services in Poland. Medicover has its branches in Poland, but also in Ukraine. When the war broke out, it turned out that the Foundation was faced with the challenge of immediate assistance directed to its employees in the Ukrainian branches of the company, but also decided to get heavily involved in helping refugees, sending full trucks of goods necessary for everyday functioning. These were truly combat conditions. That is why we decided to help the Foundation and supported its activities with what we could – we supported them by devoting our time and sending employees to the central warehouse, but also by preparing dedicated, customized applications that were to facilitate the work of volunteers and shorten the time spent on settling goods, donors and recipients

3 business applications on the Qalcwise platform

While working for the foundation, we have prepared a set of applications to streamline the processes related to providing help. These were the donor and recipient applications, the warehouse application and the products application.

The task of the application was:

🚩 preview of all products in stock, along with quantities and price per product
🚩 summary of products from each category in terms of quantity and amount
🚩 adding new products to the stock along with information who donated them
🚩 issuing products from stock with information to whom they will be issued
🚩 history of donors and recipients: what and when they gave/received
🚩 dashboard with information about the stock of each category along with the value of the category and the entire warehouse

The applications were created in just 16 hours and, as we mentioned earlier about “combat conditions”, they were created in the warehouse, literally on cardboard boxes, during the counting and recording of all gifts.

Process automation for everyone

This example shows that no code applications are solutions that automate many processes, not only those most familiar to us, such as document workflows, expense settlements or cost calculations, but also less obvious processes.

No code applications are easy to use if you know the basics of Excel, because they are entirely based on formulas from spreadsheets, quick and easy to implement, but also easy to use and maintain.

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