What advantage does the No-Code platform provide over Low-Code solutions?

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The constantly high demand for programmers is a problem that the No-Code and Low-Code platforms are able to solve. It is thanks to them that the developed experience and industry knowledge can be turned into functional and fully tailored to individual needs business applications. In most enterprises, IT departments work so intensively that ideas for improvements reported by employees end up at the bottom of the task list. Unfortunately, in practice they are rarely implemented, because it may involve a potentially high and costly workload of an experienced developer. The situation is further complicated when employees, in response to the lack of reaction, start to introduce their own improvements without informing the IT department. What are the risks associated with it and how can you protect yourself against them? What exactly are NoCode and Low-Code platforms? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions? We will try to answer all these questions below.

No-Code Platform vs. Low-Code – what’s the difference between these solutions?

Creating business applications on the NoCode platform such as Qalcwise does not require any knowledge of programming, thanks to which potentially every employee showing the appropriate initiative can become the Citizen Developer. Of course, almost the same effect can be achieved with Low-Code platforms. Both types of platforms make it much easier to design applications, but in the case of low-code solutions, you have to take into account the need to support tools such as a code writer.

The biggest advantage of both solutions is undoubtedly the ability to easily create fully tailored applications and improvements. The issue of security, which we mentioned a bit in the introduction, is also very important. By providing employees with an environment to create their own tools and improvements in the form of a NoCode platform such as Qalcwise, you can avoid the problems of using random tools to improve work. An example here may be a situation where an employee processes company data via a private cloud (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, etc.) to have simultaneous access to them from a laptop and mobile devices. Thanks to Qalcwise, designing mobile applications does not consume any additional resources, because all web application designs are available in a fully functional version from the level of tablets and smartphones.

Microsoft Power Apps what is it?

Microsoft Power Apps is one of the world’s most famous Low-Code platforms. Writing applications in Microsoft Power Apps, due to the need to use code or involve an experienced developer, is much more demanding and expensive than creating business applications on the Qalcwise platform.

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