What is hyperautomation and why you need it in your company

Hyperautomation has been identified as one of the Top Strategic Technology Trends in 2021 by Gartner. Is it really worth the hype? Our short answer is ‘yes’. Find out why we think implementing hyperautomation will be beneficial to your company.

A simple definition of hyperautomation

According to Gartner, the purpose of hyperautomation is to automate anything that could be automated in an organization*. Even though the multiple use of the word ‘automation’ may make your head spin, the definition should need no further explanation. It is as simple as that: when in doubt – automate, and great results are expected.

The ‘how’ of hyperautomation

Now that you have at least a basic concept of what hyperautomation is, let’s go further into the details. You are probably wondering how does it work in practice and how to take automation in your company to the next level in order for it to become ‘hyper’. Hyperautomation is based on robotic process automation (RPA), combined with other advanced tools like artificial intelligence, machine learning etc. Basically any process in your organization that does not require direct human input, can become fully automated when those tools are married. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Hyperautomation in my organization – is it worth implementing?

We are fully aware that the market offers hundreds of innovative tools and technologies to choose from and sometimes the very thought of adapting any of them in your company seems like a far-fetched idea (and an unnecessary cost too!). That is, of course, until you find out that a certain solution can prove to be extremely beneficial. What are the advantages of implementing hyperautomation? As mentioned before, you are taking automation to the next level. Just imagine that ANY process in your organization can become much easier and quicker. Your employees can now leave repetitive tasks to the hyperautomation tool and put their effort into activities that require skills unique (at least for now) to humans. Logically, it can lead to some substantial savings within your company. Other potential benefits include: stronger cybersecurity, better customer experience and less operational obstacles and errors. If you are looking into full digital transformation in your company, this is the way to go. This cutting edge technology really is a gift that keeps on giving. And if you are not 100% sure yet – let us bring out the big guns: your competition already is or will very soon be using hyperautomation. Don’t be late to the party or else you may miss out on some amazing opportunities.

Choose Qalcwise and take automation to the next level

Would you consider testing hyperautomation out in your organization?

We hope your answer to the question above is “YES”. And if so, we – the people of Qalcwise, will be extremely happy to help you automate any process in your company. And when we say ‘any’, we literally mean each and every process that you can think of, whether related to HR, retail, finances and accountancy etc. Our unique tool automates any workflow and makes your job easier and more effective. Our business applications are very easy to implement and to use on a day-to-day basis. They have definitely become an indispensable tool at our customers’ companies and are truly making a huge impact when it comes to efficiency of processes and the speed of workflow.

Please go to https://qalcwise.com/ and take a look at the section ‘What processes can be moved to Qalcwise’ for more information.

Do you have any questions? We’ll be happy to answer them all at: qalcwise@qalcwise.com


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