Why to join #nocodevember?


Do you know that November is the no-code month? Non-programmers from all over the world are joining an initiative that encourages them to become citizen developers and create IT solutions using no-code tools.

#Nocodevember challenge is about promoting no-code tools and making people create things with no line of code. This is a perfect opportunity to discover how many no-code platforms already exist and how you can develop your digital skills! The task is simple – it’s about creating something new using no-code technology. Users like business owners, employees, freelancers and geeks share their achievements on Twitter, recommend tools and exchange opinions.

Maybe #nocodevember is the best time for YOU to build your first app with Qalcwise? Qalcwise allows creating business process applications easy like spreadsheet formulas. Any business process challenges can be quickly solved by business users themselves. Our platform provides easy designer tools: library of widgets and formulas as simple as those known from spreadsheets, but much more flexible and advanced. You can also drag your list and create database available to other users. Decide which parts of spreadsheets are visible, which are editable etc. Then define your workflow, set any rules, users responsibilities and limits. And finally, give access to co-workers. Our applications are agile, you can redefine rules or change the process at any time, without the help of developers. After all, that’s what no code is about!

To learn more check designer tour or ask Sylwia for demo. Qalcwise is absolutely free up to 5 users and 10 business apps. You can also try free 14-days trial.

We are very curious about what you will create on #nocodevember. So get to work! Follow hashtag #nocodevember on Twitter and share your discoveries and new skills. This is how a global no-code-movement is growing!