You don’t have to be a unicorn to achieve something unique!

Most often you only need favorable conditions and the right tools. Technology and automation turn out to be what, contrary to fear, instead of replacing people, often simply free them from restrictions.

Unfortunately, the everyday life of most employees is struggling with current problems, chasing deadlines, tons of unread e-mails, tedious reports, paperwork and meetings that could be e-mails (oh, another e-mail!). How to meet the expectations that you will achieve surprising results, how to create innovations, solve problems creatively… time is only for extinguishing the fire!

Automation comes in handy. Don’t be afraid, its purpose is not to replace you, just to support. Of course, many professions will disappear (does someone remember about the profession of draftsman? Today architects have AutoCad). But new occupations will appear in their place. And employees will regain time for strategic thinking, developing the company’s potential, looking for new markets, inventing products and improving the quality of services. Now the day is too short to do anything significant. There are too many tasks, especially those routine, time consuming and terribly tedious. In such conditions, engagement, motivation decreases, and finally you start looking for a new job. But after a few months it is exactly the same…

Therefore, instead of changing to a new job you may need to change the rules in the current one? An investment in automation is not only an investment in technology, but above all in people! Technology can take over repetitive tasks that require calculations, procedures, recognition and merging of data. But it won’t replace people where creative thinking, human understanding, coming up with new solutions and finally intuition are necessary.

How automation is working? At Qalcwise, we help automate business processes (HR, financial, administrative, logistics, etc.). Our applications replace spreadsheets and paper, complement other systems (ERP, BPM, CRM etc.), automate everything that existing systems are unable to handle. The platform for building agile no-code applications (without programming) allows business people to build systems themselves!

This “power to make” and the ability to independently solve many problems, by people who know their sources and nature best, is a new quality in approach to work. The applications are so intuitive that you don’t need any technical knowledge to transfer processes to them and operate. Thanks to that repetitive tasks take even 90% less time! Paper documents, multiple requests for acceptance, errors in files, next versions of the report circulating in e-mails, manual compilation of statements – it all disappears! Employees gain time for more important tasks, and at the same time use everyday friendly, self-service technology that allows them to improve digital competence and develop. Their motivation and productivity are growing, and the company is gaining new energy to compete more effectively on the market.

Would you like to see what Qalcwise can change in your company and your team? Send an e-mail at and let us introduce you to the real unicorn among the technologies!

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