Zapier – over 2000 systems available at Qalcwise!

Thanks to integration with Zapier, Qalcwise applications provide access to over 2000 systems! Now you can integrate no code applications with any tool and gain unlimited possibilities of work automation.

At Qalcwise, we believe that building advanced business systems without a single line of code is possible. This allows you to accelerate process automation, relieve IT and develop the digital skills of business employees. The Qalcwise platform has been based on simple formulas known from spreadsheets, thanks to which it provides a unique approach to creating business applications. It allows people without technical skills to independently create and configure applications. Everyone can create a workflow with a few clicks!

Now it’s even simpler and faster. By connecting with Zapier, Qalcwise enables integration with over 2000 platforms, such as office tools (Microsoft Office, Google Sheets), mail providers (Gmail), marketing platforms (GetResponse, MailChimp, HubSpot), social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), group work tools (Asana, Slack), payment services (PayPal). The full list of applications that you integrate with Qalcwise is available on Zapier site.

How does this work in practice? Imagine that an email arrives at the indicated inbox or contains the indicated word -> Qalcwise application starts. You add a row in Google spreadsheets -> the process starts in Qalcwise. Or maybe you are making a calendar entry and want to run the Qalcwise app automatically. Automate any procedures in Qalcwise applications using triggers and actions from external systems. Thanks to this, you can easily manage information in various places and data from various sources. You gain a lot of time for more important tasks!

To integrate the application with Qalcwise, create an account on Zapier and in 5 minutes run out of any scenario!