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As our partner you will be able to

Create and sell your own business applications
Distribute your apps via Qalcwise marketplace
Deploy and support solutions for your clients
Deliver highest ROI faster than competitors

You'll get free Qalcwise designer account, business apps and know-how

10 users
enough server space to serve your customers
drag&drop app builder
no istallation
Blueprint business apps
Project Management
8h of individudal training
knowledge base
2nd & 3rd line support

You'll provide your clients with more cost efficient solutions than your competitors

Flexible subsriptions
Design & Deployment cost
Upgrade and maintenace cost
IT developers required
Implementation time
cost per user per month

You'll get marketing support and leads able to convert into customers

Virtual marketplace
Social media
PR & branding materials
Presale meetings
place for your apps
dedicated campaigns
Qalcwise newsletter
scalabillity of your solutions
dedicated campaigns
success story
Our Partners
EY World leader i assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services
+48 22 557 70 00
Data Courage International experts in the field of analytics, reporting and Business Intelligence
+48 71 727 00 00
Info Consulting An international company specialized in the implementation of ERP class systems, Business Intelligence, IT consulting, and business analyzes
+48 22 331 00 51
Incube A company that runs projects for international clients - specializing in analytics, planning, controlling and improving business processes
+48 22 360 40 70
eNOVEM Experts in organization and process optimization as well as in building effective business applications
+48 502 777 708
Addendum A company specializing in process automation and complementing current systems with applications
+48 612 971 230
Poseydon A company specializing in outsourcing IT competences and process automation using RPA and no-code technology
Softwarely Professional designers of individual IT solutions, specialists in recruitment and HR processes
+48 518 543 472
Quikkly Experts in building efficient business applications and process automation
Digital Inn Consulting Ltd. An enthusiastic consulting company that helps in Digital Transformation, Project Management and Process Improvement
Omega ICT integrator, helps in migration to the cloud, implements Disaster Recovery solutions and provides turnkey IT systems
+48 22 393 69 96
BW Expert An independent, Polish business consulting company, offering comprehensive solutions in the field of business consulting
+48 22 653 66 66
KR Group A dynamically developing tax and accounting group, offering, among others, process automation solutions
+48 22 262 81 00
Mabronet IT software & app development
+48 605 455 141
Netcomplex IT consultancy, systems & security Integrator
+33 816 04 11
Intraq IT consultancy, systems & security Integrator
509 592 469
MAIN Sp. z o.o. Specializes in building cloud environments. Its services are based on a network of its own Data Centers in Warsaw
+48 22 339 18 98
Eip Provides comprehensive solutions for manufacturers such as HPE, Cisco, Hitachi, IBM, Microsoft, focusing on quality, efficiency and sustainable development
22 339 18 60

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