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Business travel accounting can be nice and easy


THE ONLY APPLICATION that automates business travel process with a professional workflow and reports that you can start using today.

You optimize and control travel costs

Business travel costs are the second largest expense in a company after payroll.
74% This is how much the cost of the business travel accounting process has decreased on average after implementing an automated tool.
26,6$ Cost to process one T&E report
35% of savings
17,3$ Cost to process one T&E report
Partly automated process
74% of savings
6,9$ Cost to process one T&E report
Full Automation

Automating the business travel process is key to increasing efficiency. Having access to applications via mobile devices while traveling is something of a necessity today. This need is especially apparent when employees manually compile bills and invoices related to a trip and then fill out various types of expense sheets and collect signatures.

The TEM application allows you to automate this inefficient process from trip approval, through expense reporting, reimbursement calculation and approval, to refunding business travel expenses. The TEM application offers a full set of reports and analyses for an employee, a manager, purchasing and accounting departments. TEM helps companies succeed in a competitive market.

20% One in five travel reimbursement calculations contains errors. It takes an average of 20 minutes to prepare one travel reimbursement calculation. It takes another 18 minutes to correct an erroneous document.
Obtaining month-end expense reports from employees is a nightmare of probably every finance or accounting department. And looking for outstanding bills, filling out sheets, printing and collecting signatures on expense reports are not the favorite activities of employees. The more we simplify and automate the process of preparing such reports, the more willing they will be to do it on a regular basis.
Expense reporting speed
Expense report correction
total time od 1 expense report settlement
TEM works on mobile devices. It allows you to account for business travel expenses anywhere and anytime. All you need to do is take a picture of the bill with your smartphone and send it for approval.
TEM helps reduce the cost of processing business trips by more than 35% compared to a manual process.
TEM enables to implement and enforce corporate travel policies.It automises any approval process.
TEM enables full control over business travel expenses and minimizes the risk of unauthorised expense occurance.
TEM automises cyclical cost reporting as well as budgeting.
Thanks to an integration with ERP system, TEM application eliminates manual accounting processes.
TEM application entails faster expense reimbursement, what enhances employee’s satisfaction.
Employees’ travel expenses analysis allows to obtain higher discounts from providers (e.g. hotels).
In emergency situations, TEM allows you to quickly determine the location of employees who are on a business trip.

TEM Business

TEM Enterprise


Purpose (project, customer, other)
Travel dates planning (estimated per diem)
Deposit handling (local currency)
Transportation pick list
Mobile - business trip request approval
Supporting any pre-trip approval process
Expense allocation by department (Cost Center)
Preferred vendors (hotels) in compliance with company policy
Hotel and transport expense limits in compliance with company policy
Configurable control rules


Mobile - expense reporting and approval
Mobile - receipt images attachment
Automatic per diem calculations
Compliance with current per diem regulations
Automatic exchange rate imports
Mileage calculations
Automatic mapping by accounts/ expense types
Automatic expense mapping by departments
Expense approvals via smartphones, tablets, or computers within a few seconds
Vendor ratings and reviews
Integration with ERP systems
Automatic import of corporate credit card transactions


Predefined reports for Accounting Department
Employee's dashboard
Approver's dashboard
Cost analysis at various levels for finance department
Actual expense reporting vs. budget
ROI 652 % An investment in the TEM application that automates business travel accounting processes can pay for itself after just a few months.

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