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Qalcwise main features

Spreadsheet Use on-line qalcwise spreadsheet widgets to design your application. Use formulas for business calculations.
Workflow Visually draw your application workflow. Who-does-sees-what-and-when. Use formulas to calculate flows and approvals.
Collaboration Enjoy calculation empowered business collaboration and communication in Qalcwise. Analyze and make decisions.

Work smart, work less, try Qalcwise It's simple like this layout.

Qalcwise Business
Applications Marketplace
Qalcwise Business Applications allow our Customers to address their custom business needs with flexibility of a spreadsheet while providing Enterprise Class scalability and workflow.
Any business process challenge can be quickly solved by business users themselves with NO CODING involved.

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Our portfolio
Lafarge uses Qalcwise’s apps to manage S&OP forecasting processes.
Schindler employs uniquely tailored app for the site access control and Qalcwise TEM for travel & expense management.
Costa Coffee has applications in Qalcwise helping with new product introduction and marketing.
Novita uses Qalcwise TEM application which is designed for travel and expense management.
Incube CPM makes use of our apps for project management, holiday requests, time tracking, invoice management, quotation or travel and expense management. Moreover, the large part of Incube's communication with clients takes place in Qalcwise.
Decsoft manages employer’s holiday requests with an app made in Qalcwise.
ZYX uses Qalcwise for invoice management.
Runmageddon automates its HR processes with Qalcwise.
Qalcwise is Enterprise Class
Qalcwise is a professional Business Applications Platform designed to support teams of tens to thousands of users

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