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Qalcwise main features

Spreadsheet Use on-line qalcwise spreadsheet widgets to design your application. Use formulas for business calculations.
Workflow Visually draw your application workflow. Who-does-sees-what-and-when. Use formulas to calculate flows and approvals.
Collaboration Enjoy calculation empowered business collaboration and communication in Qalcwise. Analyze and make decisions.

Work smart, work less, try Qalcwise It's simple like this layout.

Qalcwise Business
Applications Marketplace
Qalcwise Business Applications allow our Customers to address their custom business needs with flexibility of a spreadsheet while providing Enterprise Class scalability and workflow.
Any business process challenge can be quickly solved by business users themselves with NO CODING involved.

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What processes can be moved to Qalcwise?
Finances & accountancy
  • Travel & expenses mgmt
  • Assets mgmt
  • Bonuses / commissions
  • Purchase / cost invoices
  • Price simulations
  • Service pricing
  • Budget forecast & settlement
  • Investment projects
  • Automated reporting & posting
  • XFER circulation & acceptance
  • Forecasting sales
  • Creating sales plans
  • Price list mgmt
  • Cash withdrawal mgmt
  • Income tax calculation
  • Calculation of car mileage
  • Batch processing
  • Creating offers
  • Benefits portal
  • Calculating car depreciation
Legal department
  • Contract repository
  • Commission repository
  • Document registration
  • New documents request
  • Monitoring performance
  • Creating new contracts
  • Contract dates mgmt
  • New contract request
Purchasing department
  • Shopping platforms
  • Collecting offers
  • Register of suppliers
  • Comparing offers
  • Preparing inquiries
  • Supplier discount mgmt
  • Promotion mgmt
  • Stock mgmt
  • Creating inventory
  • Creating offers
  • Negotiating terms
  • Supplier databases
  • Travel mgmt
  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Employee assessments
  • Employee surveys
  • Employer branding
  • Training leave
  • Social fund
  • Circulation cards
  • Work scheduling
  • Pay slips
  • Tax return forms distribution
  • Work time registration
  • Bonuses / commissions
  • Incentive systems
  • Anonymous recruitment forms
  • Employment contracts
  • Questionnaires for employees
  • Tax return questionnaires
  • Employee salary transfers
  • Medical examination referrals
  • Employee training
  • Travel mgmt
  • Fleet mgmt
  • Register of contracts
  • Deadline mgmt
  • Correspondence mgmt
  • Document workflow
  • Office space mgmt
  • Supply diary
  • Warehouse mgmt
  • Reports of damage/theft
  • Fixed assets mgmt
  • Ordering transfers
  • Employee license mgmt
  • Employee attendance list
  • Fuel card mgmt
  • Parking space mgmt
  • Payments mgmt
  • Events organization
  • Custom CRM
  • Budgeting / forecast
  • Goals mgmt
  • Bonuses / commissions
  • Motivating system
  • Complaints service
  • Orders mgmt
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Project mgmt
  • Contractor mgmt
  • Qualification check
  • Quality control
  • Loyalty programs
  • Product information mgmt
Health & safety
  • Training planning & monitoring
  • Registry & resource mgmt
  • Task submission & assignment
  • Controlling
  • Certificate mgmt
  • Multi-task project allocation
  • Submitting projects
  • Project imp monitoring
  • Subcontractors monitoring
  • Price / margin monitoring
  • Project profitability study
  • Work time tracking
  • Reinvoicing
  • Structure mgmt
  • Tasks & perf monitoring
  • R-T on-demand reporting
  • Project mgmt & imp.
  • Material mgmt
  • Records of marketing activities
  • Events organization
  • Market research
Environmental protection
  • Surveys
  • Project dev. & imp.
  • Tasks mgmt
  • Audit & controlling
  • Acceptance of documents
  • Service requests
  • Hardware / license records
  • License / hardware mgmt
  • Request for equipment
  • Rental
  • Construction projects mgmt
  • Development projects
  • Contractor mgmt
  • Profitability control
  • Qualification control
  • Quality control
  • Access control
  • Warehouse service
  • Employee mgmt
  • Work scheduling
  • Internal audits
  • Quality control
  • Product mgmt
  • Collecting & dividing orders
  • Location monitoring
Transport / logistics
  • The supply chain
  • Performance monitoring
  • Service of orders
  • Fleet mgmt
  • Working time
  • Service pricing
  • Service register
  • Price monitoring
  • Profitability control
  • Budget control
  • Launching new products
Call center
  • Work scheduling
  • Absence mgmt
  • Vacation mgmt
  • Transfering projects
  • Task assignment
  • Task outsourcing
  • Settlement of bonuses
Top apps
Our portfolio
Lafarge uses Qalcwise’s apps to manage S&OP forecasting processes
Schindler employs uniquely tailored app for the site access control and Qalcwise TEM for travel & expense management
Costa Coffee has applications in Qalcwise helping with new product introduction and marketing
Novita uses Qalcwise TEM application which is designed for travel and expense management
Incube CPM use apps for project management, holiday requests, time tracking, invoice management, travel and expense management, communication with clients
OSRAM use Qalcwise as a Employee Portal, manages travel, expenses and employee equipment
Carrefour automates HR and accounting processes like
Nowel uses the CAPEX application to manage investment applications
Medicover use Qalcwise for medical services pricing, including approval workflow and audit reports
Gatta automates the process of accounting for business trips, as well as car lump sum service
Stena Line Qalcwise app comprehensively supports the delegation process, also for employees without access to a computer
Exeltis manages holidays, delegations and concluding contracts with an electronic signature
Stena Recycling automated the process of registration and circulation of invoices
Super Trans supports the fleet and business expenses management
Adama uses applications to manage business expenses and delegations
HEM uses Qalcwise for contact management (CRM)
RST supports delegations and business expenses in apps
Graphene Partners uses timesheet app for managing consultants' work, generates settlements for clients
Qalcwise is Enterprise Class
Qalcwise is a professional Business Applications Platform designed to support teams of tens to thousands of users

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