How to organize work? Try Qalcwise project management application!

Are you a Project Manager? Would you like to have all projects and tasks in one place? Do you dream of simple management, assigning tasks and monitoring progress? None of the available programs meet your expectations? Replace your current system or spreadsheet with the simple Qalcwise project management application and customize it!

Even the best managers need professional tools to ensure the efficient implementation of their and team’s tasks. Applications on the Qalcwise platform are ready to use, but allow full customization. This is the only solution available on the market that will allow you to 100% match the tool to the process, not the other way around. Finally, you’ll be able to run an unlimited number of projects on your own terms or as your organization and structure require!

You can easily configure projects for project management yourself. Delegating tasks, monitoring progress and preparing reports has never been easier. See what opportunities Project Managers Qalcwise provides, faster and more efficient implementation of tasks!

Qalcwise provides two fully customized project management applications: one for creating projects and delegating tasks, and the second for reporting.

Application for managing projects

In this application we have created 4 phases for the project management process. However, you can edit them, add more or delete them depending on the needs of your business. The basic phases are: Initialization, Planning, Implementation and Closing.

Your first step will be to identify the Project Manager and contractors (e.g. departments). Then specify the project category and end date.

Add tasks to each phase of the project. You will also be able to add new tasks at further stages or edit current ones.

After completing the data, you can start the project. At this point, departments will receive tasks to be implemented. Each employee will see the assigned task on the board after logging into Qalcwise.

An employee of a given department can accept a task, add a description or change the date of its completion. It may also indicate that the task has been completed or has failed.

At any time, as a Project Manager, you can view the status of all tasks – given as a percentage. You can monitor the progress of work on an ongoing basis and respond in case of delays or problems. From the report level, you can go to individual tasks, monitor, update or close them (confirm the completion of the task).

When all the tasks have been completed, you can click “Project completed” and finish the project.

Project reporting application

The second application allows convenient viewing of results and generating a report. The report shows all active projects and all tasks. After selecting any project, the status of all tasks displayed.

Qalcwise applications create more possibilities than popular tools and are much simpler to use. They allow you to quickly and conveniently manage many projects and tasks in one place. They improve communication and group work, minimizing the risk of delays and errors.

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