HR’s secret dream of an efficient employee portal

You don’t want to have another system implemented at your company, but the one you currently have works neither for HRs nor for the employees? It’s high time you reached for a solution that integrates separately existing processes and tools into one multifunctional employee portal. Learn about the online app that digitizes literally every aspect of HR and payrolling, making your HR team’s dream come true.

Not another system, please…

There is a lot of talk about digitization, robotization and digital transformation. What does this mean for the HR department in practice? Many companies have already implemented a system or systems. Statistically speaking, if a company employs more than 100 workers, it is very likely to have three or more different HR systems. About 47% of companies use HR systems that are older than seven years (1). Each of the company systems manages different tasks, with data being exported manually from one to another spreadsheet, and many processes remaining outside of them.

It was supposed to be so beautiful, but it turned out as usual. Despite advancing forces of digitization, spreadsheets and paper documents manage to stay in strong positions. Your poor self still has to manually rewrite data, create complex reports and send reminders by email. Nobody wants to hear about a new system. Writing down requirements, performing analysis and waiting for implementation will take another year and cost a fortune. So HR people secretly dream of a super-system that would somehow appear out of the blue and immediately speed-up their work. For now, they’re tied up with spreadsheets.

The daily routine of Human Resources

However, the way things are now, simply cannot stay. HR managers can’t carry out tasks effectively and on time or use their creativity to deliver more successful results. It turns out, as HR Compendium and editor-in-chief Iga Pazio rightly notes, that HR and payroll areas are the least liked by the employees (2). HR managers are perfectly aware of the situation but also unable to do anything about it.

As much as 42% of HR employees indicate that internal communication is the biggest issue about their work. The creation of an engaging work environment comes as a second (3). So, what keeps HRs from overcoming these challenges? It’s their everyday routine work. According to the CareerBuilder survey, HR managers lose an average of 14 hours a week manually performing tasks that could be automated. Over a quarter of HR staff wastes as much as 20 hours a week (4). When asked what tasks they would most likely get rid of, they, quite uniformly, give a list: calculating salaries and benefits, processing documentation, managing absences (3). Such tasks should be performed within an employee portal that would save HR’s ad other employees’ time… 

The vast majority of “employee portals” used by companies are nothing more than a simple intranet where employees can download a paper form, check the most recent regulations or read a reminder about a deadline for submitting applications. These are not systems that employees can get something done in. That’s why HRs receive tons of calls and emails asking about vacation, accounting for business expenses, etc. They spend hours and hours checking contracts and documents, transferring data to systems, preparing employee surveys, accounting for delegations, reminding employees about declarations, etc. What about other activities they need to perform – recruiting, onboarding, training, organizing events and employer branding? Persevering the “human” part of Human Resources becomes really difficult.

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What HR people dream about. And employees too!

If that’s how things work in your company, it’s high time you reached for an employee portal worthy of its’ name. A modern platform that gathers all employees, regardless of their role in the organization, and ensures 100% compliance with company policies and processes, with 100% security. A place where you can really “get the things done”.

Things like:

  • submitting an application for: a leave, a benefits package, a delegation, a new vacancy, a new computer or to fill in a work card, a performance review and many more;
  • checking: vacation status, employee equipment, contract terms, employee benefits and everything an employee has at his disposal;
  • downloading: IRS forms, workplace regulations, quality policy and any other documents you need;
  • receiving a reminder about: and ending contract, a tire replacement, a company event, Christmas gifts ordering, employee absence and everything else that is important.

This is what the digital transformation in the HR and payroll area should be based on – providing real support to all process participants. Processes digitalization is the only way for HR to improve its work and regain time for more important and valuable tasks. The automation of repetitive, time-consuming, arduous tasks leaves more space for building relationships, motivating, employee development, retention care, and employer-branding activities.

One to rule them all

The Qalcwise platform and apps it consists of, meet all these needs. They allow you to simplify and speed up processes by eliminating manual operations and, above all, “get things done”. Relax, we know nobody wants another system… but Qalcwise is so much more than that!

Qalcwise employee portal bridges gaps in other systems, replacing processes managed manually on paper and in spreadsheets. Qalcwise apps support every HR and payroll process (such as delegation accounting, employee expenses, work time and leave management, recruitment and onboarding, etc.) and can be integrated with systems that are already present in the company. Qalcwise, like the One Ring from the “Lord of the Rings”, will allow you to control all processes and systems.

What about the ever watching Eye of Sauron? What does the IT department say? And how much does it cost? How long will the implementation take? Configuration and implementation take from a few days to several weeks, so it isn’t time-consuming at all. What’s more, any change in the process can be immediately mirrored in Qalcwise, without a need for complicated system reconstruction and IT involvement. Qalcwise applications are up to 10 times cheaper than competitors’ solutions, so you can add money savings to the list of benefits resulting from moving to Qalcwise. And IT will be glad to know that it doesn’t have to get involved in this project.

The last point is especially noteworthy, as Qalcwise cloud applications have a significant advantage over other solutions. Qalcwise uses no-code technology that allows business people such as HR employees to create solutions on their own. No programming, no IT participation. The applications use spreadsheets similar to those in spreadsheets and simple widgets allowing you to configure and create applications yourself.

There are many more advantages to moving to Qalcwise employee portal. Being extremely flexible, they can be adapted to the most complex processes and rules followed in companies. Additionally, employees can use Workflow – a preview of the flow of documents and tasks, that enables them to check current their status of any assigned person and process at any time. Usability is Qalcwise’s middle name, which is why all applications are available on mobile devices so that operations can be performed at any time and place. With that at hand, the Fellowship of the Ring at your company can send back requests or report expenses on a regular basis. And everything counts and accounts for itself, the data is compiled into statements, statements into reports, and reminders are sent automatically. Such things happen in dreams only… and in Qalcwise!

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