Is a COVID-19 pandemic a good time to invest in digital transformation?

There was never a good time for digitization. There were always more urgent expenses. Fear of change, aversion to technology, little insight into it – there could be many other reasons as well. In the era of COVID-19, they all became insurmountable!

The world has changed, so do you

To this day, the need for digital transformation seems not urgent enough, and the benefits are often unaware. After all, since we have been operating as we have been operating for so many years (e.g. using paper documentation or requiring a manual signature on an invoice), we can still exist like this. You can stand for a long time that work is slow, tedious and senseless (e.g., manual copying of data between files or files between systems), after all it goes on. And even there are frauds? Well, people make mistakes, they are dishonest and technology will not change that!

Could it be? Technology can change more than you think!

Where you can use Qalcwise apps? Some examples!

The situation caused by the emergence of the COVID-19 has made many companies aware that it is no longer possible to exist as before. That the pandemic not only shook the global economy, production, supply, etc. It shook  every company – its way of functioning, course of all business processes and organization of work. Controlling work, maintenancing of procedures, managing the budget, onboarding new employees, customer communication have become a great challenge. And not for a moment.

Suddenly it turned out that remote work is not a fad of Millennials, but the only possible mode of work for the next few months (and to some extent forever). That traditional circulation of tasks and legal documents is impossible. That manual process handling is uneforcable. It appears that technology is needed to survive in the new reality. Not only for such simple things as everyday communication but also for project, task and employee management etc.

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Technology has become indispensable

Almost overnight, because of COVID-19 panedemia, companies had to reorganize and remodel their business. The challenge was to switch from offline customer service to online, but also to create a digital office for employees.

The value of the digital workforce become immediately obvious to companies. That’s why it is now the best time to introduce technology into the organization, when you can see exactly which areas require support and employees understand the need for such tools. Freezing investments, lack of response to customer and employee needs, will make it outgrow companies. Not only they won’t overcome the current situation, but they will not cope in the new reality. Competition will offer better user and employee experience thanks to technology.

It’s time to stop having the illusion that investments in technology can be delayed forever. Reality will never be like “before COVID-19”, remote work will become a standard, many businesses will diversify their activities and provide online availability. All this with the help of intelligent, modern technology, the importance of which we underestimated. Solutions in the cloud, analytics and management platforms, artificial intelligence and business process automation – this will become as obvious in our work as a spreadsheet! And it can also be as simple as spreadsheet!

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How’s that possible? This is what we’ve been working at Qalcwise for years. Our no-code applications are ready-to-use and easy-to-use. It takes several days (or hours!) to transfer any business process to app. You can do it on your own due to the fact that applications do not require programming (knowledge of simple formulas from spreadsheets is enough) or ask our team for help. Applications allow to fill gaps in current systems (you can integrate them with any soft!) or create a completely new digital work environment available to all employees. You can literally digitize your business in just a few days!

So if digital transformation seems to you a huge, many months process, which requires a dozen of developers, appropriate infrastructure and advanced knowledge in the team … none of these things! We have a solution for you that will allow you to quickly transform your company into a very efficient digital fortress.

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