How to find and onboard employees remotely?


Meet Peter! He knows that the automated recruitment process is a must-have for his company. He also knows that looking for new employees takes time and resources, and remote onboarding may not end successfully if done inefficiently. That’s why he used Qalcwise Recruitment&Onboarding Apps! It not only shortened and simplified the process but made it a really fun experience, with recruitment and onboarding processes turned into computer game missions!

Peter is the head of HR and a fan of computer games. He believes that every software should offer game-like experience and be fun to work with. Peter also knows that Qalcwise Apps reduce the time needed to search for candidates up to 50% and cut recruitment costs by 30% (that’s what convinced his boss). How is this possible? Qalcwise Apps take over the most time-consuming, repetitive processes and allow recruiters to deal with more valuable tasks. With business Apps doing their work for them, recruiters can attend meetings, build relationships and focus on employer branding.

Activities such as manually creating adds, processing letters, and CVs, sending messages inviting candidates for interviews, also analyzing its results and preparing documentation for new applications take up to 80% of recruiter’s time! Bureaucracy kills both creativity and commitment. As a result, HRs do not have time to prepare solid feedback ( estimates that 72% of candidates receive no feedback at all!), not to mention engaging in building employer brands. Thanks to HR automation, you can speed up Peter’s and his team’s work, build a unique company image and improve candidate experience, receiving up to ⅓ more recruitment applications!

1. Creating a new vacancy

See how Qalcwise Recruitment & Onboarding App helped Peter’s team (and the whole company!). The App works on desktop and mobile, handling all stages of the recruitment process. Navigating through its friendly interface is as much fun as completing subsequent tasks in a computer game!

The head of a given department (e.g. Peter form HR!) can easily create a vacancy demand by completing the form. Then with one click, he can send a verification request to the finance department supervisor or the Director.

Create a new vacancy – specify job characteristics like salary, required experience and benefits.

The supervisor accepts or rejects the application (also with one click), and the applicant is immediately notified about the decision. Peter doesn’t have to check if other teammates have read and accepted the message because he regularly receives automatic notifications. At any time, he can check the status of the application and the person who processes it, without sending additional emails or making phone calls (see section 7.).

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2. Posting a job offer

Accepted vacancy returns to Peter. The Recruitment App automatically generates an anonymous form with a URL code ready to be placed on the job offer page. Peter (again, with one click) can publish it on any website!

The App automatically generates a form that you can publish on job posting sites.
This is how the form may look for applicants. You can personalize it any way you like!

3. CV verification and arranging interviews

After the candidate completes the questionnaire and submits a CV, both documents are saved in the App and Peter gets an automatic notification (it can also be sent to the e-mail address). During the ongoing recruitment process, Peter can view the applications, download CVs and arrange candidate interviews – the App will send them emails automatically. He can also reject an interview or a candidate. At no stage does the recruiter have to leave the App, open spreadsheets or mailbox!

4. Job interview

During the interview, the recruiter can use an automatically generated candidate evaluation form. It’s created based on the criteria assigned to the job offer. After each meeting, Peter can send its summary to another department or supervisor. He may accept the candidate and send the initial offer or invite him for another interview with a different recruiter.

Enter the candidate’s answers to the App and decide on the result.

5. Negotiating the terms

Peter can view all the interviews and their statuses, as well as compare their results.

Qalcwise Recruitment App allows you to conveniently negotiate terms, save arrangements and submit them for the supervisor’s approval.

6. Onboarding

If a candidate has been accepted, the recruiter can immediately start the onboarding process. The Onboarding App automatically downloads data from the Recruitment App, creates task lists and transfers them to individual departments, sending notifications e.g. to administration, HR or IT. Departments mark the completed tasks, providing Peter with full control over the process. The App allows him to allocate training, research and meeting dates and inform the candidate about necessary contracts and regulations. Peter can also use it to store training materials like documents or films. With Qalcwise Onboarding App, Peter has access to all information on the candidate onboarding in one place.

With the Onboarding App, you can assign individual departments (Administration, IT, HR, etc.) with different tasks concerning the preparation of the new workspace.

When a new employee starts work, Peter clicks on the “Welcome employee” button and sends him a link to his employee profile containing the required information and documents. The new employee completes and ticks off assigned onboarding tasks, and when he’s all done, the App sends an automatic notification to HRs and his supervisor. When a new person joins the team, the App automatically sends an information email to all employees. It’s a great solution when you have to welcome new hires online and onboard them remotely!

The App allows you to store the necessary information, documents and training materials for the new employee. He can mark completed tasks and training activities within the App, so you know their status right away.

7. Workflow

And now, something that may resemble a task log in a computer game! You can follow all the recruitment and onboarding activities in Workflow. Here you can define the players, that is… participants, but also tasks, permissions, and steps of the process. Interactive Workflow allows you to always be up to date and in control of the work progress and document flow. Thanks to the Workflow, Peter keeps up with the story and can successfully complete the mission.

The recruitment app allows you to graphically define the workflow of tasks and documents. You can easily assign tasks and permissions to other employees and then track their status.

Why Qalcwise?

As you probably know, there are many programs are automating the recruitment & onboarding process. Qalcwise has several important advantages over them:

  • First of all, the steps described above can be 100% personalized and adapted to the specific requirements of your company. You can set any criteria, alerts or permissions and define the workflow of tasks and documents. Qalcwsie Recruitment App is fully customized and allows you to expand with all the necessary functionalities – without the help of IT! This versatility and self-service build on no-code technology that allows users to create and configure apps without programming skills. So Peter can modify the HR app himself after the process changes.
  • Secondly, every Qalcwise App can be further developed and integrated with other Qalcwsie Apps (e.g. for employee evaluation, holiday accounting, travel expenses management). Also, it can be integrated with any other system already existing in the company or with an external recruitment service. With Qalcwise’s outstanding connectivity, you don’t have to transfer data between the systems. You really get a fully multipurpose command center!
  • Thirdly, you can start and manage this center on your smartphone (and any other mobile device)! You can order, settle tasks and arrange conversations wherever you are.
  • Fourthly, thanks to intelligent automation, it is enough that Peter completes the vacancy form only once. On that basis, the App will generate further forms, applications, etc., supporting the recruitment and onboarding process. As App takes on new data, every employee gets a more complex profile. No other solution provides such transparency and control!
  • Fifthly, Qalcwise Apps are extremely transparent and intuitive. Navigating their interfaces is like going through missions in computer games! Fun fact: the view in which Peter assigns training sessions and materials to the new employee, was inspired literally by a game menu for assigning missions to characters. The usability and friendliness of Qalcwise Apps turn working with them into a pleasure!

Would you like to speed up the HR processes at your company? How about cutting the costs up to 30%? Take a look at Qalcwise Recruitment and Onboarding App and begin your mission or contact us at