Ready business apps for remote work. Automate every work-from-home!

How to organize remote work, if many tasks require a physical presence in the office and delivery of paper documents? Business applications that successfully replace manual activities, paper and ensure full comfort of a home office, will help you in this. Even in a few days, you can move your office to the online world!

How is it so fast? First of all, because the applications that allow you to automate the office work of business processes are ready-to-use on Qalcwise platform. All you have to do is configure them, for which you don’t need any technical knowledge thanks to the adaptation of no-code technology. By omitting time-consuming analyzes, programming, multi-stage implementation and IT involvement, you can shorten the digitalization from several months to several weeks or even days.

Applications are created and adjusted using formulas similar to those in Excel. You can create any request, form, questionnaire, and give it a specific course. Define the workflow, people involved in the process, also their permissions. In one platform, every participant in the process can do what they do on a daily basis – submit an application, complete the request, accept it, report results, prepare a cost statement, create a plan and budget, or set a work schedule and distribute tasks. The applications are so flexible that they can be adapted to any administrative, financial, HR, sales etc. process.

What business areas can you automate to provide remote work?

Remote work management

  • monitoring emergency situations
  • work scheduling
  • regulating work in Home Office mode
  • vacation requests
  • working time reporting
  • project monitoring

Employee Portal

  • access to all HR data in one place (holiday reserves, contract conditions, working time, forms of employment, etc.)
  • all requests, applications, forms, regulations in one place
  • the opportunity to submit applications online – certificates, benefits, leaves, home office
  • social benefits and funds management, receipt of applications, verification of the use of funds

Customer Communication

  • project status
  • next steps scenario
  • communication
  • preparing and accepting offers
  • remote acceptance of orders
  • contract repository
  • monitoring performance and receipt of work

Project management

  • contracts – a document repository
  • allocation of tasks – under the project, along with the budget and deadlines for performing tasks;
  • timesheets – monitoring the time allocated to the given project/task under the signed contract
  • performance – monitoring of task performance
  • receipt of work
  • email notifications about new “events”

Acceptance of legal contracts

  • circulation of legal documents
  • multi-stage acceptance paths
  • archiving of contracts
  • document repository

Payment acceptance

  • invoice repository – electronic document libraries, assigning invoices to orders and monitoring their compliance;
  • authorization acceptance payment paths – multi-stage document acceptance paths
  • ready accounting orders

These are just the most common examples of processes that you can automate in Qalcwise applications. Thanks to the extreme flexibility and full customization, you can quickly and efficiently transfer processes handled manually, on paper or in sheets to easy applications. Thanks to this, your employees will always have access to the necessary data and tools to be able to perform their tasks wherever they need to work. All they have to do is log in to Qalcwise in their browser or smartphone.

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