True or false? 4 myths about no-code

No-code is one of the hottest technological trends of recent years. Before no-code, the idea of developing business applications by non-technical people with no coding skills seemed very far-fetched. The no-code revolution has taken over the business world, breaking into every industry and taking numerous corporate departments by storm. Many legends have grown up around the mysterious hero who suddenly appeared and won the hearts of business users. We, as no-code evangelists, decided to face the most popular ones and debunk harmful myths.

Not using no-code yet? Big mistake!

The numbers speak for themselves – Qalcwise estimated that implementing our applications results in up to 90% of time savings and 83% of financial savings. Companies appreciate the efficiency and simplicity of no-code solutions. According to Gartner, by 2023 the number of the so-called ‘citizen developers’ – people creating software without programming knowledge, will be at least 4 times higher than the number of professional developers (1)! The choice seems obvious, and yet – some decision-makers have objections … ‘Not a single line of code? It couldn’t possibly comply with our complicated processes?” – thinks the head of the finance department. ‘And what about the security?’ – wonders the CIO, who has not seen a no-code solution in action yet. Wrong, wrong, wrong! No-code can do much more than you expect! Read the text below and see why the most successful companies are already using no-code.

MYTH #1: No-code is not secure enough.

Sometimes the ease of use and implementation of no-code applications leads people to believe that they aren’t fully secure.

FALSE. When implementing a no-code system or application in an organization, as in the case of any other IT solution, you should first make sure it meets your security requirements. No-code solutions are not inherently less secure than those based on coding. It’s actually easier to make security errors when building a brand new code-based tool from A to Z. No-code applications however, are often built using specific security standards that have already  been tested. At Qalcwise, we make sure that using our tool is fully safe for our users. Qalcwise meets multiple security requirements: it uses secure servers, encrypts communication and allows to build applications with SSO (single sign-on).

MYTH #2: No-code tools have limited possibilities and only allow to build simple systems.

Some argue that no-code is not a technology for special tasks. No-code solutions are sometimes associated with simple forms or “databases”.

There is a grain of TRUTH in this statement – in fact, many no-code tools allow only the construction of simplified systems that have only basic functionalities. However, this is not always the case. When it comes to Qalcwise, we can say firmly: FALSE. Qalcwise is a unique hybrid of flexibility and full business functionality. It was created to break the status quo of standard no-code tools and address their shortcomings. Thanks to Qalcwise, you can create comprehensive systems consisting of easy-to-use applications that improve almost every aspect of the company’s operations, without a line of code. It is a completely new and fresh look at no-code technology.

MYTH #3: No-code does not allow for customization.

In some environments there is a belief that no-code solutions offer only limited and strictly defined elements – “building blocks”. As a result, these solutions are to lack flexibility and the possibility of adjusting to the individual needs and requirements of the organization.

FALSE! No-code allows you to create applications and even entire systems that will be fully adapted to the requirements of a given organization or its individual departments. You can transfer any process –  like introducing new products to the market, handling business trips and expenses, controlling subcontractors and many, many others to no-code business applications. All this while taking into account the rules, principles and characteristic processes prevailing in your organization. Many people associate such solutions with ‘custom development’ tools, which are also built based on the individual needs of the organization. And rightly so, but did you know that thanks to no-code you can create and implement a tool tailored to the company’s requirements up to 70% faster and at a lower cost?

MYTH #4: No-code is just a temporary trend.

New technological trends emerge, are promoted as a revelation, and then often fade away. They are replaced by other, somewhat similar, but more modern solutions, or they become completely outdated and disappear from users’ radars once and for all. No wonder that such allegations are also made against low-code and no-code technologies.

FALSE. No-code has become popular relatively recently, but the beginnings of technology date back even to the 1980s! The largest research institutions like Gartner constantly confirm the great potential of no-code and low-code technologies. The low-code no-code market is projected to grow from $ 10.3 billion in 2019 to staggering $ 187 billion by 2030 (2). By 2024, low-code and no-code will be used to develop up to 65% of applications (3). No-code is not a temporary fashion, but a revolutionary change that takes place before our eyes. The largest companies already use no-code solutions – see the list of our clients:


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