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Travel expenses are the biggest company expense after salaries. Keep them optimized and under control

Reduce time of delegation settlement up to 90%!

Settle accounts and accept delegations at any time using any device you want

Quit manually operating paper documents!

No more paper receipts and written forms. Forget about compiling various spreadsheets and documents

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Set up ready to use App with easy excel-like formulas and share it with other employees

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The only ready-to-use App

automating processes revolving around business trips with a professional workflow and reports

Keep all your stuff together

TEM App automates all stages of traveling experience. It registers your business trip order, books a hotel and accounts for all the expenses.

You know what’s going on

TEM is the only App that lets you define your business process using transparent, user-friendly graphs. It will fit in your workflow, not the other way around!

Leave manual accounting behind

It takes one click for TEM to book all relevant data in right place. You will have daily allowances and revenue taxes calculated automatically with current exchange rates.

Report your expenses the way you want

Any place, any time and any device! Take a picture of your receipt and submit it for acceptance in a few seconds!

Full control of employee finances

Have your staff informed about their expenses’ status. Automated accounting and refunds will keep them satisfied and ready for new challenges.

Conveniently manage your suppliers

Involve service suppliers in the booking process. TEM will contact them and make your reservation via email.

Integration with prepaid cards

Integrate your App with prepaid cards and have your expenses sent for acceptance automatically


That’s how big a return you can get on investing in TEM App


Less time your employees spend waiting for a refund


Average drop in travel and expense management processing costs after TEM App implementation

If you want your company to stay on the top, you need your employees to travel around and meet with clients every day. Controlling their expenses can pose quite a challenge if processed manually. But that’s no longer an issue.

Automation is a key to increasing efficiency of your staff and their services.

It can be quite difficult getting your employees to clear their accounts at the end of a month. No-one enjoys digging up old receipts, printing and filling forms from weeks ago, or collecting  signatures on almost expired request forms.

Make your life easier and automate report generating process with Qalcwise, so you can have all the information you need on time.

Did you know?

  • 52 % of employees often delay sending their cost reports
  • 20% of their request forms contain errors
  • manual processing of a request takes up to 20 minutes
  • it takes additional 18 minutes to correct erroneous forms
  • 10% of employees overstate their expenses

Speed up your services and eliminate losses with automated TEM processes.

    See for yourself how much digitization has to offer!

    TEM App relieves you of all manual processes. Automatically fill out forms and execute payments with an extremely intuitive interface


    Set controlling rules and minimize fraud risk according to your own standards. Planning and managing business trips with TEM App is as easy as it gets

    Integrate your TEM App with outside suppliers and reservation systems like so you can organize your business effectively

    Negotiate higher supplier discounts and better terms thanks to TEM embedded cost analysis tool

    Optimize cost efficiency and control your expenses with personalized analyses, reports and visualizations

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